XIV. ➵ pretty in pink

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June 8th

I felt like the tie was choking me. My throat was already tight enough, and it didn't help that I felt as if my airways were going to start closing any minute now.

Between the tension and depressing black clothing, the environment was quite gloomy. Everyone had a glum expression on their face.

Though, beside me, the boy just couldn't help groaning, earning a very intense scolding glare from Rick in the front.

'This is such bullshit'
Carl rolls his eyes, looking at me.
'He's probably faking his death'

'I don't know'
I rasp, shrugging.
'It seems pretty legit'

'It has to be so everyone will believe it'
He whispers, rubbing his pointer finger against my hand.

'That seems a little far fetched, don't you think?'

'He's an attention seeker, what do you expect?'

I sigh, biting my cheek.
'I-I never knew him personally'

'I feel like he's right behind me, it's like I dug his grave and now he's digging mine'

'Do you... d-do you think Rolland and Ron are on this?'

'Yeah, Ron, but Rolland can't keep his pretty little mouth shut unless there's a dick shoved in there'

I mumble, bumping him with my elbow.

'That's okay, though'
He says.
'Mikey played with dolls, but I can play with body parts'

It all became real to everyone when a woman by the name of Brianna put a few fresh flowers down on dirt above Mikey's dead body.

After that, a couple people stuck around but Carl and I fled the scene. He begins walking down the gravel road with a grumpy expression on his face, hand connected to mine with a tight grip.

He yells.

The girl comes over to us, eyebrows raised.

Carl crosses his arms over his chest and sighs.
'What the hell?'

'It's totally fake, it has to be'

'Ron wasn't even there'
He says.
'Which, I mean, doesn't surprise me be ashes that asshole moves on fast-- but not even Rolland showed his face'

'Is your dad pissed?'
She asks before looking over at me.
'Oh, hey, sorry-- I'm Enid'

'Besides you, she's my person'

I smile.
'My name is Rygan'

'Okay, you're adorable, I like you'


'I like him!'

'Back to me'
The boy groans.

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