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A Haunted girl

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I walked along the road dragging my feet slowly and of course i had nowhere to be witch meant i had no people to see. After all who would want to hang out with a 13 year old girl who still likes to watch Tracey beaker and doesn't have a facebook account. I could make lists of imperfections about myself and not charlotte felon the most popular girl in my year and she was beautiful,she has small hazel eyes and all the boys and of course she gets invited to all the parties and gets asked to all the dances. That's why i am not at Bess birthday party Charlotte sorts out the invites list and all bess has to do is hand out the invites and of course charlotte always misses me off the list because she "forgets" Bess is one of charlottes drones and by drones i mean one of her followers and copycats. I used to be like Bess get invited to all the parties because i am "friends" with the popular girl and most people would come to my parties because just she was coming that was all because of my big brother. He went to the school he just about ran it but when he left one of the girls in my year started to spread a rumour's about me. When my mother and father where horrified when they heard about it. i ended up moving schools. They soon died after in an train explosion. I mourned for weeks and weeks now every Saturday i walk to the grave yard to visit them to clean their graves and leave flowers that bring me to today.Its Saturday morning and i am on my way to the grave yard . I stepped off the pavement as a car was speeding i saw the car but my life didn't flash before my eyes just one thing my parents graves and i thought what's the point any more there dead and nothing can bring them back. So i stood there waiting to feel the impact of the car but nothing i opened my eyes and looked around nothing happened. I carried on walking my almost death had shaken me up a bit so i decided to walk back home i didn't want to go anyway and it looked like it was going to rain. I shoved my hands in to my pockets and walked home "Aunt Jane i am home i called and i ran upstairs and through my bag on my bed. I lay down on my bed wondering why the car had not hit me my thoughts were interrupted by a cry i jumped off my bed and went down stairs there where two police officers my aunt was screaming my name i walked over to her and said "Aunt Jane i am here" she took no notice so i went to put my hand on her back to show her i was there nut my hand went right through her back one of the officers said "don't worry ma'am she's in hospital but in a critical state" as soon as he had finished talking aunt Jane pleaded for them to take her there. They looked at each other and agreed to take her i sat in the back seat and waited till we got to the hospital as soon as we parked up i shot out of the car it felt like something was pulling me towards my body. I passed over fifteen rooms with Patience's moaning and groaning in pain i soon arrived at a private room i opened the door and there on the bed was a lifeless body, it was my lifeless body

Hey sorry about the grammar lol i am still editing it enjoy.

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