Your Dead And The Voices

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1. Your Dead

I lay here tonight

In a dark silent room

Feeling pain and

Uncontrollable gloom

Pictures of blood

Flash in my head

Pictures of you

Laying on the floor dead

Never to come back

An mess up my life

I smile as i wipe

Your darkened red blood

Spills out on the street

Your coldened heart

Stopped dead in its beat

I think back to all the

Pain and hurt as i cover your body

And spit on the dirt

From you or your game

I can no longer run

And me killing you

Was my turn for fun

Oh how they'll cry

Oh how they'll weep

But i know there sorrow

Is only skin deep

As i turn and walk

Down the cold empty street

I walk to the rythem

Your heart use to beat

I think back to you

Lying dead on the floor

And smile knowing

Your heart beats no more

2. The Voices

Can you hear the voices?

Can you hear their cries?

Do you know there here with me?

Watching you through my eyes

Do you know there in my head?

Do you know they sometimes take control?

Do you know there's more then one of me?

Do you know i have 3 souls?

They talk to me you know

Tell me to do bad things

It really scares me

When one of them starts to sing

Knock knock im in your head

Bang bang i want you dead

I'll kill your family, friends too

But what i want to kill is you

I did try to ignore them

I swear at first i tried

But i cant get ride of them

Whats that?

What did you say?

You want me to kill them?

To make them pay?

Dont be scared

They can be your friends too

Well they could be........... But

They've asked me to kill you

They're in my head

They want you dead

But im gonna let you off

And kill myself instead

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