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 Mild cussing...


 ғιяsт ∂αү

 You looked at your window to see something on the ledge.

   What the hell is that..?

There was a bag...a brown bag that had something moving around inside of it.

 You opened up the window, and some cold air rushed in. You quickly grabbed the bag and shut the window. You turned around and hopped onto your bed, while untying the ribbon that was tied around it. As soon as you opened it, a black kitty jumped out. Your eyes widened.

 There was something also tied around the kitty's neck. It was a string. You grabbed the kitty, and carefully got the string off. On the string, there was a kitty charm. It was clearly made for a charm bracelet.



 sεcση∂ ∂αү

  You sighed as you opened your window. There were two bags this time, expect they were red with a golden ribbon. You grabbed them both, and quickly shut the window. It had started to snow out.

 You jumped onto your big (color) beanbag, where your new kitten was sitting. Your parents had decided to let you keep it. You also, had still not gotten around to naming it.

 As you untied the ribbon, you felt the kitten crawl onto your shoulder. It was clearly curious. Then, as you finished untying the ribbon, an idea flew into your head. You smiled and started to play with the kitten, using the ribbon. It easily, became fascinated with it. After a minute, you ended up giving it to the kitten, and then the kitten rolled off the beanbag. You snickered, but it ignored the fact that it had just fallen off a bean bag and continued playing.

 You turned your attention back to the bags. You looked inside the one you had already opened.


 You grabbed the other one as well, and untied. Chocolate as well. With a charm shaped like a red bag. You grinned. You absolutely loved chocolate.

 But the same question came into your head.



 тнιя∂ ∂αү

   It was December 16th. Nine more days until Christmas.

 You still hadn't figured out who had been sending those presents. You sighed and rolled over to look at the window. And this time, there were three bags.

 You wrinkled your nose, then three back the sheets of warmness, running over to the window. You threw it open and grabbed the bags, while closing the window. You sat down at your white/black desk and looked at the bags. They were a little bit smaller than the others had been, but never the less, you smiled.

 You opened them up, and grinned. Inside each, where three snow globes, and a snow globe charm. You collected snow globes. And these were beautiful. You grabbed all three, carefully, while leaving the charm on the desk, and then walked over to your shelf that held your 97 snow globes. You put the three on there, making the number 100.

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