Her UNLucky Number 4

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I know you're not reading this but LOL um, I wrote this song yesterday night. I feel better and I put a lot of feeling in this, so, please be nice if you comment? If you like it, let me know <3

PS: The (tin)s, I imagine them like they are tiny bells or something like that ;D

"What do you do when the one who broke your heart, is the only one who can fix it?"

(Verse 1)

So, she's now on the floor.

What did you do now?

Maybe it is now 500 to 4...

She'd never hurt or allow...

(Verse 2)

Don't underestimate her, baby, coz

You know, she'll become a super star.

I know, it won't be easy to understand...

Oh, be a better man...


Don't leave her standing in the rain! (tin tin tin)

Don't leave her crying in the bench! (tin tin)

Don't let her enter the closet and stay there... (tintin tintin)

Oh let her weep in your arms...

In your arms.

(Verse 1)

Nobody understands...

Everyone thinks it's ridiculous

Why the hell 4 times?

With just one, she would've known it's not right.

(Verse 2)

She never gave up on you, baby, coz

She knew you were something with a better cost.

I know, it will be difficult to understand...

Oh, be an understanding man...


Don't go away with another girl (tin tin tin)

Don't dump her, but say you still love her (tin tin)

Don't wait for her to leave, coz she won't (tintin, tintin)

Oh, she'll never leave...

Unless you do. (tin)


You broke her heart!

Until it was numb...

You made it disappear!

Until it was dust...

You made her depressed for over a month!

She doesn't believe in love...

You made her suffer!

...But still, you love her?


Always, be with her, always... (tin tin tin)

Forever means "forever 'til you're dead"... (tintin, tintin)

"I love you" means "I'll never leave your side"... (tin tin)

And 'love' will forever not be a lie. (tin)

(Ending verse)

Oh, stay in her life...

Oh, stay in her mind...

Oh, stay in her heart...

But don't break it apart.

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