0. Prologue: The End

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My forehead was laced with tiny beads of sweat. I squirmed around on the cold concrete floor, contemplating whether or not I should stand or stay where I was. I had the chance to run. I wasn't chained anymore...but I couldn't be certain of what I would run into.

Ivan had gotten rid of the doors. To make it easier, he had said with a smirk.

He wouldn't, I thought. He couldn't. Did he really think I was capable of something so despicable?

I could stay and find out...or I could take my chances and run. If I was caught running...that would make my motives look questionable, but did I really care?

I could try to explain to him that it isn't true...what Ivan told him was all lies. I had never even heard of The League of Shadows before today.

I could try to explain, but I couldn't be sure he would bother to listen. I thought about it. Would Bane really kill me without a second thought?

I came to the harsh realization that I didn't truly know who this man was. I only thought I knew. I knew some things because of what he had told me, but according to Ivan they were just versions of the truth.

...but could he kill me?

Of course he could. I couldn't deny that I haven't sensed the anger coursing through his veins. Beneath the mask was years of pain and hurting that I couldn't even begin to imagine. His mutilation and scars were proof of this. A man like him had a reason to be hateful...distrustful.

He shouldn't have been able to trust me so easily, but he did...and if he thought that I had betrayed that trust...

I thought about the first time we met. The things I said, how I acted. In only a few short months of knowing him, he allowed me to enter his world. He told me things... I got him to open up to me and then I was dragged into some scheme I had nothing to do with.

He shouldn't even be coming here...there were more important things to worry about that my supposed betrayal...because not too far away, there were men that wanted him dead.

Even though, the man who might be coming to kill me was on his way, I still didn't want anything bad to happen to him. Stupid, I thought.

My body shook frantically. If I wanted to leave, it was too late now. I heard heavy footsteps making their way towards me. I could hear muffled voices, two of them I recognized... then only one set of footsteps. He had sent the others away.

As the steps drew closer, I closed my eyes and tears streamed down my face. I also couldn't deny that I loved him.

They came to to a halt. I warily opened my eyes and looked up to see the figure standing before me. Then, I looked up and met his eyes.

He wouldn't hurt me, I thought for the last time, though I would just have to wait and see.

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