"Good girl"

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Justin's POV

I was at home watching everyone decorating my tree for the holiday. I then turned around and started talking to my Mom.

J: "Mom?"

P: "Yes honey?"

J: "So today Tara had her first ummmmmm session."

P: "Oh yeah! I forgot to ask how did that go hun?"

J: "Ummm okay?"

P: "Hun what happened?"

J: "She swore."

P: "WHAT?!"

J: "Yeah."

P: "What did she say?"

J: "Bitch"

P: "Oh god!"

J: "Yeah"

P: "Hun what do you think of all this?"

J: "I think I need to help her. What about you?"

P: "I think you need to be there for her. But hun? Attachment disorder is a hard thing to deal with. You  realize she might never love you, right?"

J: "She called me 'Daddy'.

P: "Honey I don't think that you understand, children with Attachment disorder can be very Manipulative."

J: "Evil?"

P: "No, but she can play you."

J: "Jezz I never knew that."

Just then I heard the front door open and it was Ariana and Tara. Tara ran in the room and ran into my Mom's arms.


P: "Hey honey!"

T: "Look at what Ariana got me!"

She said pointing to a bow in her hair.

A: "Tara and I are matching!"

Tara giggled and jumped into Ariana's arms.

A: "You should show Daddy your new outfit!"

T: "Oh yeah!"

Tara then ran out of the room.

J: "Babe you didn't have to get her stuff."

A: "I wanted too!"

J: "How was she?"

A: "Perfect, just perfect!"

She smiled while kissing my cheek.

Tara hadn't came back in awhile so I walked out of the kitchen and saw she was in the living room watching everyone working on the tree. I then walked over to her and sat down next to her.

J: "Hey."

T: "Hi"

J: "Whatcha doin?"

T: "Watching."

As I was watching her I saw her eyes glowing. She loved the lights.

T: "It's so pretty." She whispered.

J: "Do you wanna put the start on the top?"

T: "Can I?"

J: "Sure. "

I then walked over and got the star.

J: "Come her baby."

Tara then ran into my arms and kissed my cheek. I then raised her high so she could put the star on the top. She got it on the top.

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