Journey To Hell - 12 | vi

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Ava had a whole speech rehearsed. She knew that the decision she made would not go over well with the others, so she wanted to break it gently. All that went through the door when Daniel woke up inside of Sven's body and went wandering off. Now the wolf was out of the bag in a big way, and she had just to face it head on. With the deed already done, Ava had no plans to undo it. Not now. The 'later' would have to wait.

"I'm sorry," Daniel said from inside of Sven's body. "I woke up and saw that I was—" he looked down at the body in which his soul now dwelled. "I knew you were going to do it, but it took some time for the whole thing to—catch up."

"You OK?" she asked him. Ava folded her arms across her chest. She wanted to hug Daniel. Make contact with him for the first time that she would be aware of. He had kissed her once but that was a long time ago and her memory of the moment was foggy. As much as she wanted that, however, she was having a difficult time herself to get past the smug lines of Sven's face. If she was having a difficult time of it, she could only imagine how the others would handle it. She already knew that Marx was not pleased and Penny was out for blood. That was two down.

Daniel turned his hands over. "As OK as I can be," he said. "Happy to be solid again but the vessel wouldn't be my first choice."

"You know if I could find your body—" Ava started to say before Marx spoke interrupting them.

"Ava. A word."

She closed her eyes exhaling. When she turned to follow Marx, she said to Penny, "Don't kill him." She leaned in closer. "Remember the plan."

Penny growled her dissatisfaction but nodded that she understood.

Voice raised, Ava said, "If anyone touches a hair on his head I'll flip you inside out."

Ava kept Sven in her line of sight in case anyone tried to call her bluff. Or someone came late to the party and went after him. She had no idea how much of Sven remained. She knew for sure that his mind remained intact since Anabella could access it, the rest they would have to wait and see. Merging the consciousness of one person into the body of another was something she had never tried before. It could go right, or it could go world ending wrong. Again, time will tell. Not that they had much time.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Marx demanded. "We you even thinking at all?"

"I thought we needed help. Daniel can help us?"

"In Sven's body?"

"He can tap into the magic left in Sven's body and between him and Martha—" she trailed off. Martha. Marx didn't know about Martha. When Ava told him, Marx stood there staring at her. The kind of stare you gave a person when you weren't sure how right they were in the head. "I know what I am doing," she told Marx. Her voice held more conviction than her thoughts did. "Set aside your personal feelings and look at the bigger picture. With Daniel in Sven's body, he can wield shadow magic. With the revenant soul, Martha will be able to channel it. I cannot be in two places at once. Daniel and Martha will be able to defend the Mountain and Pentorium while I go after Kunz." It wasn't only Kunz she was after, but she couldn't tell Marx that. She already dropped two bombshells on his head; the rest could wait.

"I thought you needed Daniel to keep you centered. Keep you in control."

"A fragment of him resides in me but most of him, most of our Daniel lives in that body," she pointed at Sven. "Extreme times call for extreme measures."

Marx was having a hard time with it; Ava could see the conflict playing over his face. His eyes held so much contempt when he looked towards the man. Penny was circling Sven as if daring him to do something she didn't like. Was there anyone who wanted him dead more than she did? The man moved hell to kill her mate, and he was responsible for what Penny had become. Just as she is for Sven's evolution. They were two parts of a dark whole. Around them, armed men stood at the ready to take action if necessary. Preparations outside of NexTeq was at a crawl with the scene that was unfolding.

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