You know that one scary moment when you know you are going to die so you see everything in slow motion? Well yeah... that was my situation right now. The only thing was that I wasn't going to die as in six feet underground, but of embarrassment. And to make it even worse, a steaming, angry Ace showed up standing next to my dad. 

"What did I say about funny business?!" My brothers yelled.

"Ace! Shut up! Nothing happened!" I yelled back.

"Oh really? Then why is there a naked boy on your bed? Just saying that laundry is on you this week, I don't want to get cum all over my hands." said Ace.

My cheeks instantly turned crimson and I wouldn't even dare look at Jett. Ace really just has a way with words... not! But thankfully Jett is smart enough to stay quiet and not get in the middle of this.

"Enough you two!" my father boomed.

"Dad what's cum?"asked the little sweet voice of Joey.

We all looked at him not noticing when Joey and Maggie came in. Well, this one is going to be a hard one to answer. And by the looks of it, my dad is not up for the task today. 

"Joey come here sweetie. Let's go get you some ice cream." said Maggie taking little Joey away from all the drama.

I gave a pleading look to Maggie for her assistance, but she just sends me a supportive smile and left.

Well someone isn't getting anything for Christmas.

"Dad, this is such a cliche thing to say but this isn't what it looks like." I told him.

I got out of the covers for Ace to yell, "Ew sis. I don't want to see you naked."

"I'm not naked you doofus." I told him. "See daddy, I have clothes on and Jett has his pants on. He took off his shirt cause it got hot while we were decorating my room."

I held my breath for the longest, Ace visibly had calmed down and my dad looked at me with a dubious stare.

Finally, my dad eyed me one last time, let out a sigh and said, "Fine."

"Wait really?" Both Ace and I did the freaky twin thing then glared at each other. He hates it when we talk in sync. I just stuck my tongue out at him with a smug smile.

"Why didn't you let me off the hook that easy when I was with that one blond girl?" asked Ace not letting it go.

"Because son, you screw anything with a skirt." said my father making me laugh.

"Come on old man, don't start." said Ace, his ears turning red. It was his turn to be embarrassed. 

My dad left the room with Ace trailing behind him arguing about being a virgin. Psst as if.

I let out a sigh of relief and looked over at Jett who started laughing.

"Oh and Rosy, I want to meet that boy of yours. And please control your hormones." called out making Jett laugh harder.

"Oh shut up." I said pushing Jett off my bed landing with a hard satisfying thump.

Well, that was interesting.


"So you are the boy that has my little flower doodling on her notebooks?" asked my father making me glare at him.

And the award to most discreet father of all time is....not my dad! Sulking and still embarrassed I waited for his response.

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