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We pull up to a large warehouse style building that gives nothing away.  Gabriel still won't tell me what we're doing, but I guess I'm about to find out.  He tells me to leave everything except the new bag in his car and that we can get it later.  I remind myself that I get to spend this time with the guys, regardless of what this building has in store for me.  He holds the door open for me and the dry, warm air swirls around me.  It smells like chalk and once we round the corner I understand why.

The entire interior of the building is a massive rock climbing center.  The floors are a little spongy and on the far side, there's a large foam pit with a frightening overhang that has handholds all along it's underside.  The place is empty and there's a sign up by the door that says 'Closed for private party'.

Nathan comes jogging up to us with a grin and grabs me in a powerful hug.  He's wearing a tight fitting shirt that showcases his bulging biceps and I swear I can count his abs by feel alone.

"I'm so glad you're here, Peanut!"  He pulls me away from Gabriel and toward a side area with bench seats and cubbies.  "You can put your stuff here," he eyeballs my jeans and sweatshirt, "and if you need to borrow something more comfortable, I'm sure we can scare something up for you."

Meanie walks up behind him and smacks him on the back of the head.  "What the fuck do you think I've been doing?  Of course she has something to wear," he turns to me, "right, Trouble?"

I nod and strip away my outer layers to reveal the new workout clothing underneath.  I do a little pirouette and smile.  "What do you think?  I love the little bits of pink!"

Nathan doesn't say anything, and Gabriel smirks at his gaping mouth.  Nathan clears his throat and nods slowly.  "Right." He swallows.  "Good one, Gabe."

I turn to the entry when I hear a crowd of voices approach.  Kota, Dr.Sean, Luke, Victor, and a giant of a man all walk in laughing at something that the handsome behemoth is saying.  He's huge!  Well over six feet tall, he towers over the rest of them, and is obviously well built in the muscles department.  I subtly check to see if I have drool on my chin and am relieved to know that I haven't given myself away.  He's got that Mediterranean olive skin tone with dark hair and eyes.  His full lips are tilted up in a smile as he catches me staring, and he stretches his paces so that he's suddenly in front of me.

"Well hello there, Aggele."  He reaches down and tucks a stray hair back behind my ear and I feel myself flush.  He takes my hand in his and lifts it to his mouth.  "I'm so glad that we are finally able to meet.  I'm Silas Korba." He kisses my knuckles and a spark shoots straight through me to my core.  His voice is smooth like rich caramel and slightly accented.  "Saving the best for last, no doubt." He winks at me and I am completely flustered.

I'm momentarily deaf but for the pounding of my heartbeat rushing through my ears.  As the world comes back into focus, I swear that I hear Dr. Sean mutter something about a silver-tongued Greek.

The air pressure changes and I turn my head away from Silas and see North and Owen enter.  My eyes scan the group and I feel my throat go dry.  They're all incredibly handsome, and everyone, even Owen,  is wearing something similar to Nathan with variations in color.  I don't think that there's any fat to be found on any one of them.  North, Silas, and Nathan are obvious powerhouses, but even nerdy Kota is well built.  I can make out solid definition in each of them, and though Gabriel is the most slender and Victor the smallest, they're all stunning.

I realize that they have all been checking me out too, and I'm afraid to meet any of their gazes.  Sean steps in front of me and I see that his lips are pursed.  He gently lifts my hand and trails his fingertips across a few of the shadowy scars that crisscross my skin.  "Pookie, sometime, I want you to tell me about these." 

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