Chapter 10 - Sam

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Sam's POV

"Allo?" I say, yawning half way.

"Bonjour, petit papillon!" Jacques' annoying voice greets me. Without wasting any more of my precious time, I hang up on him and try to go back to sleep. My phone keeps blasting my favorite French heavy-metal song, making me answer Jacques' call once again. I'm starting to hate that song, thanks to Jacques' constant calls in the morning.

"What do you want, gorilla?" I growl at him.

"You have school, petit papillon. I'm helping you to get up every morning from today onwards since the Notre-Dame bells are no longer there to wake you up," Jacques answers.

I growl again, this time it is a vampiric growl. Jacques chuckles from the other line. I hate to admit this but Jacques is right. I look at the alarm clock to see that it is seven in the morning. I have an hour before school starts.

"Fine, I'm up," I grumble before hanging up on him.

I yawn again and sit up. My apartment is smaller than the one in Paris. Nice and cozy. It has a small bathroom, kitchen, living room and a room with queen-sized bed. I could have bought a mansion since papa left me a lot of money but a big empty house will make me feel lonely.

I take a bath and wear a 'Walk Off the Earth' black t-shirt that Jacques bought me and comfortable jeans. Jacques and I love English music, especially rising YouTube musicians such as Walk Off the Earth, Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens. I hate wearing dresses and skirts. Aunt Zoë used to make me wear them when I was younger. I also don't like wearing shorts whenever I go out. It makes me feel like a slut even if it's not that short.

My jet black hair is tied into a messy bun, as usual. I put on red Converse shoes and sling my bag over one shoulder.

I look at the vacant kitchen with a frown. I should buy some groceries on the way back later just like Nora did in case if there are humans coming over for a visit.

I lock the apartment door and start to walk towards school. It is not difficult to find the school because I can see many students walking at the same direction.

I should consider buying my very own transportation so I don't need to use a taxi everywhere. At that very thought, I thought of Monsieur Taxi. I can't even whistle like him, making me jealous of him. Childish, I know.

The school is bigger than my old school in Paris. I glance at my watch to see that it is already 7.45 a.m. I make my way to the office easily without guidance.

A young receptionist looks up from the computer screen to see me.

"Yes?" she asks. Her voice sweet.

"I'm a new student here from Paris. Samantha Weinbach," I say. I can hear the faint sound of the bell. Great, I'm going to be late on my first day.

She taps on the keyboard my name and print out my schedule and locker number.

"Have a lovely day." She hands me my schedule.

"Merci," I say politely. By the time I left the office, I realize that the hallway is empty. I find my locker instantly and take out an English, History and Algebra textbooks. I make way to my first class, English. The building is so huge that I nearly got dizzy if I'm not a vampire. I knock on the door with a number '65' on it softly. It would be so embarrassing if I knock on the wrong class.

A young English teacher opens the door. He smiles brightly at me.

"You must be the new student from Paris, Samantha," he says, opening the door wide enough for me to enter.

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