Act III - 54 How Far We've Come

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 Act III



August 15, 1485

Monteriggioni, Italy


I guess it's been a while, huh? I'm not even sure when the last letter I wrote was, and I'm sorry about that. I meant to write sooner, really, I did, but things have been... well, both a lot and not a lot has happened the past four years. I guess I'll start with how my work has gone—as an Assassin. I told you about it all, I know.

I work with Ezio, Mario, and the various guilds throughout the country to stop the Templars. Before, with the Pazzi, it had all gone pretty quickly. We essentially destroyed the family in maybe two years. But our work against Rodrigo and the Barbarigo men—everything in Venice... it's taking a long time. Ezio and I both know it's for the best. We have to work slow this time. We have no power base like we did here, in Monteriggioni, and the Thieves we've been working with were very weak when we first got there. Yes, I know, 'Thieves' makes us sound so bad, but they're good people. They're fighting for what's right. They just want freedom for the people; to save them from the oppression of the Templars. We've been helping them all this time, and, finally, after four years, they've become strong. We've weakened the Templars a lot, too, although Emilio still has control. But I think that's going to change soon. Ezio and I both can feel it, and when we were in Venice about a month ago, Antonio seemed bolder and more eager. I don't think it will be long before we kill our target.

I know you worry about that kind of thing. Or, well, I think you would. I imagine you are while reading this, but... I'm stronger now. Even after I was hurt badly by the Clock. I, ah, guess I haven't told you about that, but the artifact did something to me—internally, I'm pretty sure. It made me weak and more prone to sickness for a few months, maybe even a year, but the more I trained and worked, I've gotten back to full health. Sometimes I have a spell here or there, but I'm definitely stronger for sure. Ezio's helped me with that, and with him I feel invincible sometimes. I know we're both ready, and that we'll make it out alive, so you don't need to worry. I mean, technically I will be dead by the time you read this, but not from trying to kill the Templars. So, y'know, don't worry. :)

Speaking of Ezio... okay, try not to have a heart attack, but... well, you know how you always wanted me to have a boyfriend? Or something like that? You know what I mean. Anyways... Whelp. It's been over four years now since Ezio and I became lovers. Boyfriend and Girlfriend, although the Renaissance would only call us lovers. It's... God, it's been amazing, Mom. I never knew what love like this was, but it's the best thing in the world. Was this what you had with Dad? I know you had that issue with the affair when I was really little, but before all that, and even after you'd gotten through it all—is this the kind of love you felt? To be with someone who wants only the best for you? Someone who loves you for all you are? Someone who would do anything to protect you? Die for you? Love you no matter what? Someone you trust with your life? Someone you couldn't imagine your life without? Because that's how I feel with him, and he's said much the same. I can see it, too. The way he looks at me and when we kiss or hold each other. It's amazing, Mom, and I wish you could meet him. You'd love him. He's charming and a smart ass and so handsome. He's grown a proper beard now, and it's amazing! I really do love him for all he is, though, and he loves me, too.

You must wonder why we're not married yet, huh, ha ha? Well, you'd not be the only one. Pretty sure we've been asked that question every day of our lives for the last year now—maybe even two years ago. Truth is... I guess we just don't feel we need to have a ceremony or need to make a big deal out of it? I don't know. I certainly don't feel like being married would change anything. I know I'd never love anyone else more than him or want anyone else, and he's the same for me. We don't want anyone else, and, well, frankly, I count his necklace as a ring. He gave me the one he had from a kid, and I wear it always. It's as much a ring as the real thing, and you know I've never been one for dresses, and I'd definitely be forced into one for the wedding. HE'D love it, of course, the turd (Yes, I do still love him, but he can be such a butthead. That's kind of why, I guess, though, haha). But, yeah. That bit combined with all our work has just... I mean, we talked about it after people starting asking, but nothing's really come of it. We end up working or traveling, and we just don't have time unless we're here in the city, but even then we have work to do. The city is always expanding, and all. But... maybe someday. I guess it would be kind of nice to have it "official", even if we don't need it.

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