Might Not Be So Bad

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It's three am when I'm gently shaken awake by my Huckleberry's hands that basically bigger than my future and at this point, I'm angry because I've only gotten about one hour of good solid sleeping and that's not the Maya he wants, nobody wants.

With an angry frown on my face as I brush off his hands, I reluctantly turn around so I'm facing the bastard who woke me up. "What the fuck, Huckleberry?"

"Our plane takes off at five am, not pm, we gotta go now, baby," I'm told by the sound of his very sexy and raspy tired voice, "Come on, beauty."

I frown and glare even harder at him as he stands up and begins to get dressed and pack up all our clothes at the same time. "Are you fucking kidding me right now?"

"No, and I'm really sorry, beautiful," he walks over to me after pull up a pair of red plaid boxers, "I'll get you all you dressed and you don't even have to move."

"How did you get the times wrong? Are ya that much of a damn huckleberry?" I groan out, a frown on my annoyed face as the warm covers are pulled off my body

"I'm sorry, beautiful," Lucas hooks his hands in the waistband of my pajama bottoms and pulls them right off of my body. "I'm really sorry."

A big, goofy smile forms on my face as I lazily spread my legs wide open. "You wanna make it up to me, baby?"

Lucas laughs a little at me and leans in between my legs, pressing his lips to my center over the thin fabric of my underwear. "For ten minutes and that's it."

I reach down and tangle my hands in his dark blonde and extremely messy hair. "As long as I get an orgasm, I'm happy as can be."


And of course ten minutes of pleasing me, turned into ten minutes of pleasing him, and then that of course turned into thirty minutes of pleasing each other and now we're almost late for our plane and Pappy Joe can not be driving any slower.

I swear, it's like we're driving through, I don't know, something that would slow us down a lot. "Do ya think you could pick up the pace, Pappy Joe?"

"Yeah, um, we need to be at the airport in," Lucas takes second to cheek the watch on his wrist then says, "Fifteen minutes."

Pappy Joe just shakes his head. "I ain't no early riser. This is the best y'all getting outta me at four in the morning. Plus we could've left much earlier if you two didn't have to have your, um, your special time together."

A deep blush forms on my face as I reluctantly ask, "You heard us?"

He laughs at my question and nods his head, just as Lucas turns to me and says, "Do you really think he didn't? Hate to break it to you, darling, you're a screamer."

"All of Texas heard it, between the screams and the bed shaking and creaking, even the animals must know what's going on in that room of yours."

"Maybe you should make the walls in our room soundproof for the next time we come back here, Pappy Joe." Lucas chuckles, placing his hand on my thigh then around my body, holding me close

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