Chapter 1

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Teenage Frustrations

Being sexually frustrated isn't always a fun thing when you're a teenager. Not to mention when you're just borderline underage to be able to actually have any sort of intimacy with someone. I was 15 years old at the time. Boy, those were the cringey times... Actually that was in middle school, but I still did a lot of stupid shit regardless.

I just got done with a breakup at the time. My last boyfriend didn't really suffice me in any way. How sad. He seemed different before, but then again, who knows what went though his mind? Not gonna lie though, he was a good kid, but that was also the problem...

He was an 18 year old who was so innocent that anyone could consider him a kid. I don't blame him though, he was good to me, but he just didn't suffice any of my needs. He was also too scared to even touch me or kiss me. Heh, sad, isn't it? But then again, I don't blame him. He's still a kid. Still a virgin. I can respect that. But, I honestly wanted more. I wanted to be touched a little bit. I wanted to be kissed more. I wanted to be taken out more. I wanted to just generally do more, but I couldn't.

I gave him as much as I could, but he never really played his part. I always planned out the dates, I always texted first, I always tried to make the first move... I mean, I didn't mind doing any of that, but sharing those actions wouldn't hurt. I guess you could say that I was the dominant one in the relationship. And I was, but I don't mind having my partner take the lead every now and then. All in all, I got bored of him.

I get bored very easily and I always need to be kept entertained. If you bore me, I'll just move on. We're still friends and we talk every now and then, but we're just not in a relationship anymore. I'm usually friends with my ex's because I think that they're nice people. The problem is that they just bore me and don't give me things that I want.

Sure, I may be sounding needy, but that's not my intention. I mean, how would you feel if you worked hard in a relationship because you loved that person, but you got nothing in return, even if all you wanted was just a simple kiss, or date, or a simple touch to the face, chest, or butt?

It's always nice to tease, and I personally believe that it's healthy. Of course, some people are more modest than others, but then there's someone like me will enjoy things like that. If it weren't for my high sex drive, I would've probably stayed with him a little bit longer. But again, he was still a good kid and very much a gentleman.

But I'm the kind who wants both. I want a gentleman who can dress very nicely and have the confidence to be around people and treat me well, but who can also get down and dirty when the time is right. There's not many people like that in this world, and if there is, they're still very hard to find.

I can be one of those people at times. I can get dressed nicely and show respect towards others (though I kind of hate it) but I can also get down and dirty when the time is right.

Relationships need a lot of hard work and love, but if one person can't do their job, then is it even a relationship? I started realizing this after only 2 or 3 weeks into the relationship. Yeah, I get it, it's a short amount of time, and its sad, but I'd rather be in a relationship where I wouldn't have to force anything on anyone. And that's what I felt. I felt like I was forcing him to love me. I didn't want that. So I broke it off about 3 weeks later. I gave it a chance, but I saw no improvement after 3 weeks, so I just decided to end it.

So yeah, I broke it off and now I'm single. After a good 2-3 weeks, I noticed that some of my friends have been teasing me. Tch, what a bother. But... I liked it. Sure, it kind of physically hurt that I was turned on and couldn't do anything about it until I got home, but either way, I couldn't really complain. Just the fact of being able to feel things that I couldn't feel with my past ex partners was just so... Satisfying. If only if I could have more... If only if I could actually get a partner who can just meet up to my standards...

Welp, so that's the end of his chapter. This is based on a true story by the way, and its basically my love life right now lol. I will be probably making other characters and maybe add some things to make the story a bit more juicy, but this is pretty much all real as far it goes and I'll probably update this as my experiences continue onward. Anyways, love y'all and I hope you enjoy.

P.S. As far as my other story goes.. Yeah well... I might not be updating that for a good while even though it's already been like 4 months lol. But I'll be focusing on this more. Just kidding... I'm lying. I never fucking update anything.


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