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~Ash's POV~
Setting: Kalos League Stadium.

    The crowd cheers. But for who? Not me. Why me? Greninja is hurt, I lost. Alain is the winner. Now.... Well, I haven't won even one league. What are my chances in the next one? Failure? While I'm smiling, and shaking Alain's hand, I'm actually upset. I'm mad at myself for not achieving what I want to achieve. For not winning or passing. Still... I'm happy Alain won.

I feel arms around my neck, as if I'm being hugged from behind. I am. By... Serena. "You did great, Ash..." Serena says into my ear.

"Yeah, that was amazing!" I hear Bonnie yell while running towards me.

"Thanks you, guys. Sorry, I didn't win." I reply, waiting for their response.

"It's fine. We all fail sometimes." I hear Clemont, also seeing him behind me.

Serena answers, "It's okay. I wanted you to do your best, whether you win or not."

Serena turns red. Is she always sick? She keeps turning red for no reason. Should I take her to Nurse Joy?

Word count: 176 words
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