Chapter 3: That Fateful Kiss

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Chapter 3

       “Eren? Are you ok?” Mikasa asked as Eren slowly awakened. “Where are we?” Eren asked. “Your father heard the news. He called in an old friend of his and got us a place to stay! It’s a really nice house you should get up and look around!” Said Mikasa. “Oh, right mom died.” Said Eren. “You shouldn’t be sad. We couldn’t even do anything. Levi couldn’t do anything.” Said Mikasa. “He’s not that great” Mikasa said under her breath. Eren remembered Levi’s comfort. His face was flushed. “Do you have  a fever too?!” Mikasa panicked. “NO! When does school start?” Eren asked. “Don’t worry about school today. The Reiss’s called in and let us skip for the day.” said Mikasa. “Reiss? As in the Reiss’s? WE MUST BE IN THE INNER WALLS! WALL SINA!” Eren exclaimed. “Dr. Jaeger really wanted us to be safe. His friends aren’t even charging us a penny for staying here!” Mikasa said. “But I wouldn’t want to bother them…do they have kids?” Eren asked. “The Reiss’s have one adoptive child, they love kids!” Mikasa said. “One child?" Eren felt a connection, “Well I hope all of us can get along.” said Eren.

       “HI HONEY! EREN ARE YOU FEELING BETTER PLEASE HELP YOURSELF TO DINNER!” Mother Reiss exclaimed. “Dinner?” Eren questioned. “You’ve been sleeping since you fainted last night.” Mikasa said. Eren’s stomach growled. “Please help yourself you’ve been through a lot. Eren and Mikasa sat down at the fine dining table and began devouring in lovely food that they have never had before in their lives. “Oh my you kids really appreciate my cooking!!” Mother Reiss cried with joy. Father Reiss sat down and began devouring the food with the kids. “This actually makes the food taste better honey! We’ve always wanted a large family!” Father Reiss said with joy. Father Reiss was a very chubby bald man who resembled Santa Claus. He did not have a beard but he was adorable.

       The doorbell rang. “Oh he must be home!” Mother Reiss said and fetched the door. “Hey you haven’t told us about your son.” Eren said. “Don’t be rude.” said Mikasa. “No it’s fine. He’s a little over your age and our son can be quite rude himself. But he’s very loving indeed!” said Father Reiss. The son’s footsteps could be heard heading towards the dining room. “His name is—“ Father Reiss stopped. “Uh! You’re here! Please drop your books and come eat with your new family!” Father Reiss said. Mikasa and Eren were stunned. It was Levi. Levi dropped his books on the ground and had a shocked look on his face. “Well I didn’t mean that literally.” Said Father Reiss. “Father what is the meaning of this?” asked Levi. “Levi… you’re adopted?” asked Eren. Levi was upset. Eren noticed Levi had dark bags under his eyes. He took off into his room. “Levi! Don’t be rude! These kid’s mother passed away—“ Mother Reiss was interrupted. “That gives you no right to barge into the lives of other's  mother!” Levi said, upset. “My oh my that Levi.” Mother Reiss said as she picked up his books and grabbed a plate full of food. “Eren, Mikasa, please don’t be upset with Levi he’s been through a lot. Also… Eren the room that you have been occupying is Levi’s.” said Mother Reiss. “Did he not know I was staying here?” asked Eren. “Levi stayed up last night fighting off the Titans… unfortunately they invaded wall Maria.” Said Father Reiss as he grabbed a churro.

       When Eren finished eating he went up upstairs to Levi’s room. Eren saw his stuff on the floor outside Levi’s room. He thought he established a decent relationship with Levi. The door to the room was locked. “Levi-senpai… I don’t think you’re a bad person.” Eren said. “Eren. You can sleep in the room I’m using.” Said Mikasa. “I guess that would be the best—“ Eren’s words were caught off and Levi grabbed Eren’s body and pulled him into his room. Levi retreated Eren’s belongings and locked the door, closing slowly while giving Mikasa a death stare. “What was that for?!” Eren freaked. “I don’t want to imagine the things you can do with her.” Levi said. “She’s my adoptive sister!” Eren yelled. Eren noticed he was laying on Levi’s large bed. He saw Levi above him. Levi laid his head on Eren’s chest and rested. “Where… where do I sleep?” Eren asked. “With me.” Levi said. “Senpai!” Eren said. “Two guys can sleep together.” Said Levi.

       Levi brought his face to Eren’s level. This was the first time Eren noticed he was actually quite a few inches taller than Levi. Their cheeks touched. Then their lips. “Eren, do you hate me?” Levi asked. “No… a person's actions are always for a reason.” Eren flushed. “If we do it now, would you leave me?” Levi asked. Eren was thrilled. He shyly responded, “Do anything you want, Levi-senpai.” Said Eren. Levi moved his lips towards Eren’s neck. It was a sensation that was new to Eren. Levi’s lips were course and covered every inch of Eren’s neck. Suddenly when Eren was at his high, Levi bit his neck. “OW! What did you do that for?!” Eren cried. “This is just my opinion, but when it comes to teaching somebody discipline I believe pain is the most effective way.” Levi said. Eren was engulfed in his wisdom. He was one step closer to understanding Levi’s actions. Not just physical actions but mental as well… Levi’s true feelings. 

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