I Love You, I Love You Not, I Love You, I Love Your Brother (chapter 11)

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I Love You, I Love You Not, I Love You, I Love Your Brother [Chapter 11]


I was so nervous. I think the expression butterflies in my stomach was an understatement because it felt like birds were in my stomach. Big big huge flapping birds. My brother looked at me and smiled. What a rare site. "You okay bro?" he asked in a conserned tone. "Ya.....it's just I don't feel like putting up with teachers and stuff and stuff" I lied horribly. Matthew bought it though and nodded his head like he understood. We pulled into the parking lot and I got out the car. I saw Rachel standing a few yards away and my heart stopped. She looked beautiful in a pair of light ripped skinnys, a purple shirt that said 'guess what....I don't care!' in silver letters, and a pair or purple, black and silver chucks. she looked completly sexy and to add to it, her hair was slightly curled and when she ran a hand through it, a strand fell sexyly across her cheek. I noticed her staring at me and pretended that I hadn't seen her. She started walking toward me when a pretty blond girl with HUGE boobs walked over to me. "Hi gougeous, my name is Sam!" she said while rubbing her tits on my arm. I looked up and saw Rachel walking toward us when a mob of girls shoved her out the way and surrounded me and Matthew. I saw a shocked look play across Rachels pretty face and I took that opertunity to place my arms around big boobs and another girl and walk into the school. I could feel Rachel's eyes burning holes into the back of my head. I heard the rest of the females follow Matthew inside. I quickly ditched the chicks and walked to my locker. "So your single?" I heard a voice ask from behind me. I turned around to find blond hair, big breasts leaning casually against a locker. "Yah I guess?" I replied. "Oh well how about we get to know each other?" she said in an irritable little voice. "I like someone else!" I said and turned away. She grabbed my arm and I turned to look at her. "How about we pretend so I can help you get her?" I looked at her like she was crazy and saw that she was serious. "Well I'll think about it." I said skeptically. All through class I thought about it. Maybe Rachel needed a push from the green eyed monster to make her see I'm the one for her. When the bell rung for lunch, I dashed out and when i walked into the cafeteria, I bumped into Sam. "You better make up your mind now because Rachel is around the corner!" she informed me. I grabbed her and planted a kiss on her lips. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. I felt eyes on me so I looked up and saw Rachel staring at me with her mouth hanging open. I was about to say something but Sam gently pinched me so I grabbed her and walked her over to the lunch line without saying anything to Rachel. I could feel her eyes burning holes into the back of my head and I felt terrible. I hope she would forgive me. After lunch, I was in class when I got a text. --Meet me by the exit after next class!-- I wondered who it could have been wince the number read unknown. After my next class, I got a pass to the bathroom and went to see who texted me. Standing by the exit was big boo- I mean Sam. "How did you get my number?" I asked her. "Well," she said "I have connections.". "Okay? What did you want?" I asked again while running my hand through my hair. "You!" Sam said in a husky voice. Then she grabbed me and locked her lips against mine. She pressed herself on the wall and had a death grip around my neck. Next thing I know I fell someone pull me back and I hear fist connect with face. Then Rachel turned around and slap the shit out of my face. "What the fuck Rachel!" I roared at her. Sam was slumped on the floor knocked out and Rachel was steaming. I couldn't help and notice how sexy she was. "Dont go there!" she said "I saw you kiss her in the cafetria and it broke my heart! I cried and cried and when i come out I see you all over her again! Marco, your MINE!. How could you do this to me?" I was suprised at what she said but my heart did a summer sault at hearing that from her. From the expression on her face, she was shocked to. Before I could tell her of my uncodisional love for her, she ran out the building. I was confused so I went back to class leaving big boobs knocked out on the floor. I needed to show Rachel my love for her. ASAP!

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