Chapter 28 - Ordinary

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"Good thing we have a same alphabet at the beginning of our names" He took a bite of the mac and cheese again , I'm taking my a bite too

"Angelia North" I choked and Alex patted my back , giving me a glass of water

"Why are you so shock?" He asked

"Are you serious? Like serious?" I asked as I looked at him

"If I'm not serious why do I send golds to my members love?" He said sarcasticly and I chuckled

"Don't be so cold Mr. North"

"It's just like you don't trust me" He sighed and I quickly crash my lips to him.

"I trust you love" I smiled and kissed his cheek one more time

"Why are you so cute?" I pinched his cheek and he glared at me

"Thankyou little Angel" He said sarcasticly and I laughed

"Awwww I wanna take you home and cuddle you all day" I hugged him and he chuckled

"You already own me" He rolled his eyes and I gave him a quick peck on his lips and walked away

"Where are you going?" He asked

"Taking a bath and go shopping with Kayla" I heard he groaned

"Can you just follow me to the office?" He asked when I walked up to the 2nd floor , I chuckled

"Sorry baby , I want to see some hot guys on the mall today" I said in a loud voice

"Don't you dare!" I laughed hearing him saying that in a cold tone. I just love him , he's so adorable.

I quickly take a shower and change my clothes. Yes.. if you're wondering I've move in with Alex for quite sometime now , even first my dad doesn't approve. My mom helped me a lot so I'm so grateful

Wearing my make up when suddenly Alex entered the room , He has this wide smile on his face.

"What's with that smile?" I asked

"I can't smile?"

"It's not like that.. but it's a cheeky smile" I narrowed my eyes to him and he rolled his eyes

"I'm just happy" He shrugged and I chuckled

"You're weird"

"You're weird" He imitated me

"Stop imitating me"

"Stop imitating me" He still imitated me trying to do my voice

"Alex!" I pouted and he laughed

"Let's have a date today , what do you say?"

"What do you have in mind love?" I asked as I apply my mascara

"Uhmm go to the cinema?" He asked and kissed the top of my head

"Okay! It's been a long time since I watch at the cinema"

"When is your movie premiere?" He suddenly asked

"In 2 weeks babe , aww you remember? Why are you so cute?" I looked up to him and he glared at me. He hate being call cute

"Of course I remember Angel" He sighed

"Let's go on a date tonight" I stood up and kissed his cheek. Taking my small black bag

"Bye babe"

"Wait! What the hell are you wearing?" He pointed at my crop top

"Honey this is a crop top" He glared at me and I chuckled. I just wear a black crop top shirt that shows my belly button slightly and light blue shorts.

"Can you change Angel.. wear a long sleeve" He said , this man is unbelievable

"Goodbye love , I'll see you soon" I gave him a peck on the lips and hug him briefly

"I'm watching you.. if you da-"

"I have you.. you're the most handsome guy in the world for me" I winked

"I love you"

"Love you too" With that I walked out from the room and get ready to shop!

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