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Two days later

"Wait wait! Let me do some music on!" He said smiling sipping on his glass of beer before turning some music on
"I love that song" I whispered smiling laughing at how drunk we were "lemonworld is a tuneeee" van said smirking walking back to me
We stood there dancing slowly in a kitchen of the hotel we stayed in
I pulled my arms around his next and made my head bump into his he laughed softly through his nose "Lexi?" He whispered moving his body "yes, van?" I asked closed my eyes
"I love you." He whispered i smiled lightly "I love you."

Van the lads and me went out.
"A red wine please" i said with a friendly smile "Lexi" he said "yes?" I asked
"Are you okay?" He asked me
"You want a beer?" I asked changing the subject, it hurt me and he knew that so he played along
"Yes thank you, love" he responded
"How late is it?" I asked
"Around 3am" he whispered "in tired" I sighed looking around "you wanna go home then?" He asked me brushing a hand through his hand fixing his jacket "I just ordered a beer!" I said
"Doesn't matter if you're tired then we're going home" he said standing up
I stood up and intertwined my hand with his
"Van?" I asked "yes, darling?" He whispered
"I love you."

- the next day
His phone went off again
"You're phone is going mad!" I said to van who was showering
He didn't hear me.
"Van!" I said hearing another message
I walked towards where his phone was laying
I wasn't curious or anything but something caught my eye when i grabbed his phone
- One new message : Emily x
I knitted my eyebrows together
Emily was his ex, well not ex he didn't say ex, more like a hook up ones in a while but he ended it, he said
I felt my heart speeding up
From Emily :
Van you gotta call me love you x
I walked to the bathroom and looked at van
He knitted his eyebrows together seeing that i was angry "you gotta call her" I said as he stopped the water
I handed him his phone and walked out of the bathroom grabbing my bags
"Lexi!" He yelled
I saw him walking towards me
"Stop van" I sighed, I was so done with it all
"I know you saw that message but it wasn't like it, we aren't together lexi" he said grabbing my arm softly stopping me from what i was doing
"Van just-just be honest" I sighed "I am honest we weren't even together when i saw you at Billy's birthday!" He said i swallowed i thought it was his girlfriend "well call her then" i said
He knitted his eyebrows together "what?" He asked "call her if you aren't hiding anything"
He grabbed his phone and did what i said

- van's pov
"Van" Emily said "what is the matter?" I asked her looking at Lexi "i gotta tell you something van please don't be mad" she said i looked at Lexi confused "yeah go on" I whispered
"I'm sorry for telling you this way but i'm pregnant" she whispered i could hear her crying softly my mouth dropped open
I looked at Lexi with wide eyes
She couldn't hear what she was saying
"I-I I'm-" I started "you need to come here" Emily cried i couldn't talk, couldn't think all i could do was look at Lexi in silence "van" Emily said
"I'll call you back" I whispered hanging up
She was pregnant, of me.
I always wanted a family but couldn't imagine it with her in it.
"Lexi i-" I started "yeah van i get the message" she whispered grabbing her stuff
I wasn't holding her back
I was going to be a fucking father of a child
My heart was beating faster then ever
"Lexi let me explain" I said "why van? Why do you always have to explain i mean it isn't going to fix anything is it? I knew this was going to happen, i had the best time here the last couple of days with ya' but i knew it wasn't going to last." She said holding her bags
"I'm sorry van, but I'm leaving, and I'm not coming back again." She said
She wasn't crying and she wasn't mad she was done with me
She walked towards the door
"Lexi?" I whispered she turned around to face me "please promise me something?" I asked her she didn't respond "while I'm gone and while I'm not coming back and stuff, please don't do anything stupid" I whispered holding back the tears, I knew she wasn't feeling okay
"Promises they break before they're made" she whispered using lyrics of my favorite song
It was our tune i nodded at her
She left that night and i didn't know how to pull myself together to understand the fact that she was really gone.
"I love you" I whispered closing my eyes

Two days later i went to New York to see Emily
I checked into a hotel and made my way to a cab to visit Emily
When i knocked on the door and she opened i saw her standing there, she looked, normal as always.
"Hi." She whispered "are you okay?" I said closing the door behind me "alright" she whispered "but, we always done it safe i don't understand" I said shaking my head
"Is this a problem for you then?" She asked
"Well listen love, i'm never home and if i am I'm still busy with planning touring and my music but if this happened a couple years later i wouldn't make a problem out of it but I'm 23" I whispered looking at her she shook her head
"You gotta carry my children" she said
"I know i have to" I whispered standing up
I hugged her "I know how tough this is for you" I sighed she nodded

We went to the hospital later that day
Emily told me she was pregnant for two months now.
"It's a boy!" The doctor said smiling
A few tears rolled down Emily's cheek
"I'm so happy, van" she whispered smiling
I held her hand in mine and nodded
"I always wanted a little lad" I whispered
We went home and ordered some food
"We gotta plan something's yeah?" I asked her
She nodded "like, i still have a tour a head of me and you're only two months in, I'm there for you and I'm helping you in every way but i can't always be with you you know what i mean?" I asked her looking at her
"I understand" she whispered
"As soon as the lad is born I'll be there alright? I'll visit multiple times of course" I whispered she nodded
"I'm so excited to have a baby actually" she whispered smiling
All i could think about was Lexi
Was doing okay?

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