Chapter I: The Run.

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The Run

The merciless cold wind rushed roughly past Isis' skin. Her entire body instantly shivered and her lower lip started quivering, neither of which she could control. There was no sign of the moon; monstrous dark clouds were covering it. Her small figure rested against a tree, she hugged herself watching white smoke coming out of her mouth. Her mother had told her to get as far away as possible and she had. She transported herself to the most uninhabited place she knew of in the land; the Frozen Woods. This forest was uninhabited for a reason, it was freezing cold all the time, snow coating the rocky ground. The large pine trees gave it a creepy feeling and at ground level is a darkness unknown anywhere else. The sun was never seen through the heavy thickness of the trees tops and the moon was also hard to see through the tree tops plus it often masked by clouds also.

Isis began shaking even more when she stopped running, the cold felt as if it was consuming her; it was very quickly becoming unbearable.

She wanted to go home.

She wanted to feel the silk sheets of her soft, warm bed.

She wanted to drink her warm milk from her favorite cup.

She wanted to be snuggled warmly under her comforter and embrace her favorite pillow.

Isis wanted many things that were at home but she knew she could not return. She would not defy her mother and father. She was an obedient girl, and she knew her parents were wise people. She had to respect their decision, even if she didn't understand why they had wanted her so far away from them and her home.

It was then that she remembered the letter her mother had given her. She unfolded it carefully afraid of ripping it with hands that were shaking almost uncontrollably from the cold. As she started to read it, her small forehead furrowed to the point that her eyebrows were close to touching. Her eyes quickly slide down the letter written in her mother's beautiful handwriting, she hurried wanting to read the last lines...

"Enjoy the sunlight, and fresh morning breeze because once he finds you, you will never feel them again.

I know you are confused, Isis and are wondering who is this man I am talking about. His name is Clyde Magesblood. He is the Lord of the Accursed lands and the master of thieves and assassins.

He will come for you. The mark on your shoulder is not a burn scar as I told you it was. It is the mark that identifies you as the last descendant of our family.

I wish I could tell you more but being your mother, I'm not allowed to. I should not have told you even this much, I should not have sent you away but my love for you is beyond all laws and orders.

You are my daughter. I will love you forever.

Find Oberson Wides who lives on the northern border of the forgotten lands, he will help you." 
Isis stared at the letter in silence. She did not understand some of it but she knew she had to run and escape this man her mother seemed to be so scared of. She folded the letter, pulling her long white hair out of the way, she looked at the circular mark on her shoulder. She remembered asking her mother about it.

"It's a burn scar, darling" her mother had said. Isis had believed her.

She sat on the snowy ground in the forest pulling her legs to her chest. She was intelligent and brave but she was still just a little girl after all and she was scared. A freezing wind brushed her skin causing her to trembled. She had to do something about this weather. She extended her hands in front of her and whispered,

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