Yesterday, Paige and I went to Stone's party. His name really doesn't make him seem like a good guy but he is from all I could tell. Stone greeted us at his door and led us into his large pale white and brown home. All I could see were couples making out on the couches and a lot of teens that will soon regret picking up that red solo cup. It was totally crazy for me. Then again your typical high school party. But for Freshmen I can't say the same.

Stone and I started talking as he sat down on the arm of his couch that I was sitting on, before he led me up to his room. His house was very deserted and dark once you left the party area. It was...creepy.

I started blushing like crazy. His room was sort of what I expected, dark blue walls that almost resembled the ocean floor, the sheets of his bed were all black as a thick comforter layed on the foot of it, he had a row of shelves hanging from the head o his bed against the wall, that were filled with trophies and photos, I had no idea what to do so I just sat on the end of his large king sized bed. I just thought we were gonna hang and talk until he leaned in and kissed me. It felt like a cacoon bursted and a billion Butterflies fluttered in my stomach, and to make them worse he lays me down, trailing kisses on my body. He only stopped to take off his shirt and went back to kissing me. Soon he leaned over to his drawer and opened it. Dozens of condoms were stashed in there, all different colors, but the one he picked stood out, because it was gold.

"Stone...I'm a virgin. I don't think I'm ready, yet." I pleaded to him, I stared into his bluish gray eyes, that carried a hint of green. He just shrugged at me and continued kissing my neck and onto my collar bone. "I'm not that type of girl!" I said, but aparently I was wrong, after throwing him hundreds of excuses why we shouldn't have sex, but never actually telling him to stop or physically rejecting his pleasure we did what he brought me up here to do.

I found myself limping out of his room just as my sister Paige was about to enter. I awkwardly smiled at her and tried to adjust my now wrinkled light blue T-shirt and shiftet my white pants so that faced correctly.

"Aaryn let's go mom's outside" She said looking upset with her arms crossed over her forearms. I could tell she was upset with me, but I hoped she understood and let me explain myself before she started to judge me.

"Oh okay, let me just get my phone." I went back in Stone's room to see him shirtless. He winked at Paige, so I quickly snatched my phone and left. I immediately started feeling regret for doing that. I should have better self control, better self worth.

I started walking down the hallway almost reaching the steps when I noticed Paige had stopped, my sister looked at me with her brown eyes, that were exactly like mine but a bit darker. "What the hell were you thinking Aaryn?! Mom and Dad are gonna' flip!" she said in a whisper yell. This was the first time Paige had been disappointed in me. I'm the good one she's usually the one that gets into these type of situations. But don't get me wrong, for all I know she's still a virgin.

"I'm sorry, he's just so hot, his toned abs, his perfect face, those dimples, the way he was kissing my--" I stopped myself before finishing that statement "I just.... couldn't help myself. Plus mom and dad don't even have to know. Just please don't tell them." I pleaded, I hid the fact that I had asked him not to do this. The last thing I needed was for them to start judging me, I already felt like crap for even allowing myself to do that. Imagine my parents disappointment when they learn I'd lost my virginity at a house party.

"Are you kidding me?! You could get pregnant! Please tell me you used a condom." she said, her voice was no longer in a whisper 'I won't tell mom, have you forgotten about all the times you've covered for me?" Paige lectured me. "But just think Aaryn, you could get pregnant" It wasn't until then I realized how serious this really was. Those words flashed into my head as I walked over to the car, I felt tears rush to my eyes but I quickly wiped them away, realizing my mom would notice. I know the first thing I have to do once tomorrow.

Take a pregnancy test


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