Faded (Vkook Oneshot)

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Inspired by the anime 「蛍火の杜へ」

8 years old
Taehyung knows he's not supposed to step his foot anywhere near the temple. Such a shame he's not the type to follow rules. His uncle should've known him better than that. Although he really can't blame his uncle. The temple is quite scary. It emits this eery aura and Taehyung feels goose bumps rising on his arms.

He takes a deep breath, squinting his eyes shut as tight as he can, feet blindly moving up the stairs.


Taehyung does a double take at the sound, toppling backwards and casually lands on his tail bone.

"Ow," the voice continues, amusement obvious in his tone. "That looks like it hurts."

Taehyung stands up as fast as his legs allow to protect his pride. He frowns at the direction of the voice, but it soon disappears as he meets the eyes of the said voice.

Big, blue, animal-like eyes stares back at him and Taehyung pretends that he doesn't see a hint of glint behind those animated eyes.

The eyes of a fox.

The person faces him, fox mask covering his face, and smiles.

Well, Taehyung can't really see if he's actually smiling but he can sense him smiling behind the mask.

Taehyung is a smart boy. 

He gets an A for his math multiplication test. 

He's never wrong.

"Who are you?" Taehyung says, loud but unsure.

"Well, who are you?"

Taehyung beams at this. "Kim Taehyung. My uncle calls me TaeTae."

"Taetae?" The voice repeats. "I'm Jungkook, the forest spirit here."

Taehyung is quick to exclaim, "But you don't have wings!"

"I don't. Spirits don't have wings," Jungkook says, "But I have other magical powers."

"Magic? I love magic!" Taehyung replies, showing off his pearly whites.

"Great. Watch this."

A flower fades into existence by Jungkook's palm, resting peacefully against his fingers. "I can create flowers or plants."

Taehyung run towards him, ready to take the flower from him and the stranger jolts from the sudden movement.

"Don't. I'm not allowed to touch humans."

"Why not?"

"I'll disappear."

Taehyung stays silent, eyes fixed on the ground, then he mutters, "I don't want you to disappear."

Jungkook chuckles at this, grabs a nearby stick and pats it gently on Taehyung's head. "Good boy."

He flinches.

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