19: Secrets And A Promise

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" You should
regret anything in your life.
If it's good,
it's wonderful.
If it's bad,
it's an experience"

Words used : 1836

PS see author's note at the end

I lay her down and the women directs me back to the hall.

"Have a seat dear. " she says gesturing, she goes back to a coffee table placed at the back, going back and forth with the utensils like an expertise, I take this time to look at her, she definitely not what Navya inherited but actually quite the contrast, she had a tan skin while Navya was fairer, her hair was mousy brown while Navya was a dirty blonde and she was short and somewhat healthy but not fat either maintaining a professional look, it even gave me an impression of my bio teacher.

Maybe she was a teacher too?


I sit nodding and saying my thank you.

Ahh!.. What a pleasure to see you actually following manners.


Already working on winning her heart aren't you? Such a son-in-law aren't you?

I'm not any son-in-law...

We'll see we'll see... I rolled my eyes at the comment just in time to see her steps coming towards me, she hands me the cup sitting down adjacent to me.

"I'm Navya's mother Aliya Nazeer" she said straightening her dress. When I didn't reply anything she glanced back before continuing.

"..... May I know who you are? What happened to my daughter? " she asks, the seriousness was visible in her tone, the nervous and worried expression was gone replaced by her stoic expression. Nervous I start speaking.

"My name's Ayaz Hussain, I'm your neighbour, it's the house front of yours, just got shifted from Mumbai there and Navya knows me from there we went to the same school..... " I felt like I was blabbering useless things but her stare was reading me like an open book, those kind that could see depths in you and it made me shiver uncontrollably inside. Though I hadn't committed any crime or even done any stuff to actually worry about being caught.

"Umm.... Navya I saw her from my balcony a few days ago and then met her in school soon we found out that we had the same classes that's why we planned on going together to every class. I.. took her to the lunchroom and... and she kinda.... fainted...there.. So I .. I brought her here.... Some boys tried to umm... bully her.. I tried to stop them and then she was taken to the first aid, the nurse said you know it was due to stress, a panic attack... " I say looking at my lap .

When no response came I looked up at her though her face was serious her eyes were flourishing with love, pain and understanding.

"Was..... Was she ...... Abused by the boys again....? " she asks.

"Again?! "I look at her shocked 'again? 'Does that mean she was abused before? ... I shouldn't have forced her .....

I turn to look at her as she sits beside me the seriousness was gone from her face, her eyes were wet it reminded me of Navya crying and by impulse I took her hand in mine and placed my other hand on it, silently trying to provide some comfort.

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