The Ugly Truth

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  • Dedicated to Vikki L


Denise and Lynn are on their way to get Sharlett and quickly get out before Jamie gets back.

*End Recap*


~~ Lynn's POV ~~

After we get to Sharlett to Denise's house before anything else could happen to her I watched Denise as she looked her over...

I couldn't really see anything from where I was at, but I knew that he must have hurt her badly. She had a long sleeve black shirt, and a scarf on... and it was at least 90 degrees out. Besides that, I'd never seen her wear nearly as much make up as she had on right now...

I was starting to get really worried about her when I heard Denise gasp when Sharlett finally took her shirt and scarf off, and washed the make-up off. She had a pear of short-shorts on, and a tank top...

Oh wow... Who ever this JAMIE character is, he obviously needs to be put in jail... or worse prison.

~~ Denise's POV ~~

After Sharlett got into just her shorts and tank top and had washed all the make-up off I gasped.

Jamie had really hurt her this time.

"I swear... on my Mamas' grave... if he ever touches you again..." I trail off.

She had bruises all over her. I don't know how she was able to live through it all.


Suddenly, we hear something and all look around, scared.

Lynn goes to the window and looks out and then tells us as quietly as he can 

"Keep quiet, and get out of sight." With a serious look on his face.

I tell Sharlett that we'd probably do as he says, so we get out of sight, and keep quiet.

Lynn reaches for his phone and calls the cops....

~~ Lynn's POV ~~

After the cops got here they get Jamie, arrest him, look Sharlett over, and suggest she go to the ER.

I'm glad Denise got Sharlett away from him when she did. Turns out, that man has had a warrant out for his arrest.


Okay, I believe that one is a little longer.

So, what do you think Jamie's warrant for his arrest is all about?

I need some suggestions...



(PLEASE?! With a cherry on top?)



How is it?

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