Some Answers

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While leaving the house I pulled my cellphone out of my pocket and began to dial Shelly and Jeffery's numbers for a three way conversation.

"Shell, Jeff?" I called into the phone as I heard them pick up.

"Yea" They answered in unison.

"I need the both of you to meet me at the green cafe in twenty minutes" I demanded as I crossed the street looking toward the cafe just two blocks away.

"But I was gonna meet Ashton!" Shelly wined on the other end.

"And I'm busy with a friend." Jeffery was never a good liar.

"Fuck Ashton, Friends over everything," I snapped "Bring Mina with you and get your asses over here. Now" I ended the call with nothing but anger in my system.

Walking into the cafe, i walked straight to the counter and ordered an iced coffee then found a table by the window to sit at. Exactly fifteen minutes later all three of them arrived.

"What happened are you okay?" Shelly asked as she rushed toward me.

"Your angry, what did Atesh do?" Jeff growled as they all grabbed a seat around me.

"First of all, hello, Mina, it's nice to meet you." I started with a smile, she looked at me confused but returned it non the less.

"How do you know about me?" She asked.

"I know about a lot of things, like the fact that Jeff is your mate, and Shelly is mated to your brother Gavin and I'm one of the protected. Oh and one more fact" I laughed without mirth before hissing the words "The fact that your all werewolves."

"We were going to tell you eventually but-" Jeffery tried to explain.

"But what? You thought I would run screaming, tell everyone? Fuck, I've known you two since elementary and this is how I find out about this, I tell you guys everything and you hide the most important thing about yourselves from me!?" I was enraged.

"I don't like the way you are talking to my mate" Mina growled.

"Right now, I don't give a fuck what you think, this is between us three, your new around this area that's why I wanted him to bring you, be quiet." I demanded, not knowing where all of this anger was coming from. She bowed her head and backed down.

"How did you know that Gavin is my mate?" Shelly asked suddenly.

"Oh, well sweet little Gavin decided to pay Atesh and I a visit, and I was questioning him. They're at my house." I answered leaning back in my chair assessing everyone.

"You left those two alone, in a house with a kitchen?" Mina gasped.

"I gave them cookies" I defended as I began to get a little worried. "Bottom line, you two should have trusted me with this little secret especially since you two are my guardians." I stood up and rushed out of the cafe toward my house.

"Atesh! Gavin!" I shouted as I ran up the stair and banged on the door while searching for my keys.

"Je ne vais pas revenir en arrière!" I heard Atesh shout before the sound of glass breaking hit my ears.

"Oh no!" I heard Mina's voice behind me, as I finally opened the door and rushed into the kitchen.

"Je ne peux pas être l'alpha sans un compagnon!" entering the kitchen I found both men with bloody faces and hands, A glass vase broken between them and the empty cookie pan missing.

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