Chapter 6

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Jungkook looked at (Y/N)'s painting,  remembering her story and he scrunched his eyes up.

He has seen her before.

He decided he would just get on with his day and ask her what pub she used to work at later.

*time skip- end of the day*

*Your Pov*

Now I have to walk back to hell, I should take the route through a few alleyways so no one sees me.

*Jungkook Pov*

I told Yoongi hyung that I was going to ask (Y/N) something and he said that he will come with me as, he was curious as to where (Y/N) used to work too.

"Look hyung, she's going down that alleyway" I said
" why would she go there?" he wonders
" I don't know let's just follow her to find out" I reply
"Seems legit" he shrugs

Then we follow her until we get onto an eerie looking street and see her walk through a door.

We were about to knock on it but, we heard a loud shriek...

*Your Pov*

"Aah!* You shriek when your mum pulls your hair and kicks you in the stomach.

"why are you home late b**ch!" she shouts
"I was l-let out lat--"
She cut you off with a blast to your jaw
"well that's your fault for being so fat and ugly, now scrub the floors brat!"

*Yoongi Pov*

I took a video of what (Y/N)'s mum did and sent it to Jin and the others giving them the address to come help us get her out.

*time skip to when the rest get here*

Everyone had arrived with a camera to film what happens.

"Everyone ready?" I asked them
"Yeah!" they all say followed by another scream.

Jin started filming through the window where you could see (Y/N)  getting beat by her dad. He had a whip in hand and was lashing her really badly, I think her screams of pain will haunt my dreams forever.

*Jungkook Pov*

Forget my question, it's so severe, we need to stop it!

I could feel my eyes filling with tears at the sight of (Y/N) in that state, she doesn't deserve it!

Her parents spot us and start walking towards us with murderous expressions on their faces..

"Run!" I hear Namjoon hyung shout. I don't obey and run towards the door to save her, but I feel someone pulling me off the ground and carrying me away.

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