CHAPTER 8 - "Come on, wake up!"

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We were getting closer to the training camp, I started to recognize the paths, hoping Lexa would be there so she could help me figure this out like always. She was so much better at this than me. What happened to me was the proof I wasn’t ready to be Queen, I didn’t know how to handle all of this. Maybe Titus would agree if I stayed back and let Lexa rule. Titus was our counselor, after mom died he took care of us and taught Lexa how to reign and prepared me for my ascension. I owed him so much, I was ashamed not to be worthy of what he taught me.

“We need to stop for a minute.” Bellamy said. He started to remove is jacket and lifted his tee-shirt to let me see his wound. His blood had soiled all the bandages so I took new ones from my coat and came to him. “I can do it myself you know.” He said.

“And do it wrong. I don’t think so. Hold up your shirt.” He did it without arguing. I was so close to him right now that I could actually hear his heart beats and feel his look on me. I was almost done when he shivered.

“What’s wrong?”

“Your hands, they’re cold.” He said smiling.

I took them back while he was putting his wet jacket on. I was about to get back to our journey when he took my hands into his. “Here.” He looked at me with his deep brown eyes and said: “We can take time. If you won’t let me die I won’t let you freeze.” He kept my hands in his during long minutes, then I took them off.

“Alright then …” I sneezed. Bellamy smiled at me kindly and took his jacket off and put it on my shoulders. “No … what about you? I’m fine, it’s just a little sneeze.” He didn’t pay attention to what I just say and gently put my arms into the sleeves. I wasn’t used to someone taking care of me this way, I suppose I blushed a little but I was pretending that he didn’t see that thanks to the darkness. He moved his hands behind my neck to put my hair back on the jacket and I felt my skin shuddering.

“It’s still a little wet but … hum … it should keep you warm.” Bellamy whispered. He still got his hands behind my neck and I didn’t want him to put them off, but I couldn’t face his beautiful eyes another second, so I bowed my head biting my lips and he backed off. “Alright!” He said embarrassed. “I follow you, we shouldn’t be far from the camp now.”

I kept going even if all I wanted was to feel his hands on my skin again, oh god I needed to focus. We were walking quietly when I heard a branch break. I turned to Bellamy and whispered:

“Really? After 2 hours walking when we are so close, that’s the moment you choose to signal our position?”

“I didn’t do that. I heard the branch same as you but I’m the one who broke it.” He said looking around me worried. He took his gun off. And pointed it in the air. “Stay close to me.”

“What are you doing with the gun? It’s br…” Bellamy made me shut.

“Nobody knows that and that’s the point.” Bellamy said. But he didn’t have the time to make another step when a man jumped on his back and put him down. I was about to grab my weapons out when I noticed a symbol on the assailant’s knife, Polis sun. He was one of my people, I couldn’t fight him but I couldn’t let Bellamy die.

They were violently punching each other, the grounder tried to bring his knife to Bellamy’s throat. He was trying to push him back but the grounder was all over him. I cut him and when I was about to do more he punched me and I fell on a rock. My head was painful and I couldn’t see and hear clearly, all I could see was blood everywhere. I tried to stand and I screamed:

“Nou em! Disha ste an order kom your kwin!” The grounder let Bellamy fall and turned to face me. My look was misty so I couldn’t see his face, I only saw him running in the other way really fast while Bellamy was coming to me slowly. It was like he was in weightlessness, I understood that I wasn’t thinking clearly. My legs couldn’t support my weight anymore so I fell but I didn’t hit the ground, Bellamy caught me in his arms.

I could feel his arms under my knees and my shoulders

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I could feel his arms under my knees and my shoulders. He carried me and sat me gently against a tree. He put his hand on my head and the other one was holding my face. I wished I could’ve looked at him but my eyelids were too heavy. At that very moment everything was dark and empty but I could hear and feel everything like I’ve never did.

He put his fingers on my neck to take my heartbeat and I felt his hands caressing my hair when he realized I was breathing.

“I got you.” He whispered. “I’m not letting you die remember.” He grabbed me and started walking, following the path. He stopped realizing he had lost something. His gun. He saw it but kept walking.

“We have no time to waist, I’m bringing you to your sister.” Suddenly my heart was beating faster, I wanted to get back to Lexa but not like that. I knew what was going to happened: Bellamy was going to be blamed for what happened to me. Harming a Polis queen is punished by death. I couldn’t let that happen.

I felt something bright on my eyelids and Bellamy said: “Lights! See Clarke you’re going to be okay. The Camp is nearby.” He just kept going faster. I wish I could just do something, move that stupid arm or stand on my legs to stop him.

Come on Clarke! Wake up!

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