October 7th 2016

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With all the excitement of last week's post, you'd think we'd run out of stuff to tell you about. Nope! There's plenty more still to come.

One of the biggest, yet possibly the smallest, things happening right now is #31creepywords challenge promoted by WattVampires. We also have  WattyWolves getting in on the action. If you haven't already taken the challenge, give it a go! And if you don't feel like writing one, you can also check out the micro short stories other people are doing, by clicking here

I don't know what you think, but I find fairytales have a dark side. A character or event that is, quite frankly, a little bit more than just scary. For October, _Once_Upon invites you to join their contest that will focus on just that element. They also have a Grimoire of writing tips to help you get started writing your own fairytale. This week will explore the question: What is a fairytale?

 UndiscoveredBooks would like you to take a moment and stop by and Meet the Team.

In addition to ParanormalCommunity's magazine that we highlighted last week, WattmagUSA have released their October edition. This month's issue looks at the life of an indie publisher, an excellent SPG advice corner, information from NBR winners. You can  listen to a spooky poetry review, graphic tips, helpful hints, and more!

We also have a number of awareness campaigns highlighted by WP_Holidays. Breast Cancer awareness and Domestic Violence awareness are only two of the worthy campaigns noted in the October issue.

Brittanie Carmintine takes the spotlight in talesofthedeep Fintastic Author feature this week. They are also looking for more "mer-writers" who would like to be considered for featuring with the profile. Is that you? Do you know someone dedicated who fits the description? 

Message in the Mirror is the required element for Fantasy_Community's horror/fantasy mash up contest

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