Chapter 20 - No Chance

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Your POV

Nick gawks at you and his grasp around your hand stiffens. His eyes are full of shock and his mouth is slightly open.

The gap between his lips slowly close and form a smirk.

"Didn't think I'd see you here." He grins, shaking your hand. He lets go and shoves his hand into his grey vest pocket.

"Well, it is called 'The Dan, Phil and Y/N Show'." You speak confidently and the smile on his face grows bigger.

"You don't even know the name of the show you're on." He chuckles as he crosses his arms cockily.

"What? It's called..." You blink and start to realise you're wrong. Nick is still the same smartass he always was.

"Yeah, it's called 'Two Dorks and a Loser'." He tilts his head to the side and raises an eyebrow.

"No, it's not." You laugh awkwardly.

"It should be called that." He mutters and wanders off rudely. You roll your eyes in annoyance and traipse over to the radio desk that you'll be standing behind. It's practically the same setup as BBC Radio 1.

"I think we'll be fine." Phil walks up beside you.

"I hope so. You and Dan have to take care of all of these knobs and sliders. I have no clue what to do when comes to those." You laugh, gesturing to all the sound and graphic equipment in front of you.

"Dan and I are pros. We'll take you under our wing." He pulls you to him and hangs his arm loosely over your shoulder.

"We're airing in 10 minutes people. Get prepared and good luck." Nick claps and looks across the studio towards you, winking afterwards then turning to a coworker.

"Plegh." You stick your tongue out. As much as you want to feel disgusted, you admit there's some sparks again. It's not a massive firework show but a weak reattachment to lost memories.

The night you raided a amusement park, the time he bought you a bunny - he showered you with love, but then again, he did the same with pain.

17 missed calls yet he ignored his phone and kept dancing with the pretty drunken blonde at the bar. You found him with her and your heart tore in half, but his colourful words managed to get you in his arms again.

You hate that he has that power over you.

"What's up?" Phil rubs your shoulder lightly.

"It's nothing." You lie and look down stepping forward, his arm falling off you. He shrugs and walks off to talk to someone about the show.

"Trust me I'm going to embarrass myself more than you." Dan suddenly bumps you with his hip.

"You're so stupid." You laugh, covering your mouth. Dan looks at you sadly and frowns.

"That's not very nice, I was already being insecure and yo-" He starts to cry out loudly but you stop him by kicking him in his uninjured leg.

"Don't need to go all drama queen on me." You snicker jokingly.

"You're the drama queen." He states and rests his crutches on the table.

"Why is that?" You challenge him back with a smile.

"Because I'm the drama king, obviously." He laughs at his corny joke and you try your hardest to not join him.

After a few seconds, he looks up at you and sees your poker face. This pushes him further over the edge and he holds his stomach, crouching to the ground continuing to laugh. The infectious happiness causes you to muster up a chuckle.

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