"Dan" You breathed and dropped the bags.

Before your eyes was Dan...and Pj. 

Pj was standing there with a panicked look on his face and Dan was on his knees with a pistol held right against his temple. He had watery eyes but you could tell that he was fighting it. He was trying to be strong. Pj's hand was shaking and with every little move he made Dan would close his eyes.

"Pj, w-what are you doing?" You said with a wobbly voice.

"Y/N, Dan took everything from me, everything. The one thing he loves the most just so happens to be you so I can't take you but I can take the next best thing, his life." Pj said, he too had a wobbly voice. You began to slowly step closer to him, Dan's eyes grew wide and he shook his head to tell you to stop moving.

"DON'T MOVE HOWELL." Pj screamed at him, Dan closed his eyes slowly again, one small tear began to roll down his cheek.

"Pj please please don't do this, you're better than this." You calmly said and took another step forward.

"Am I Y/N? Am I? Cause I wasn't good enough for you, you chose him over me." Pj gestured to Dan.

"Pj, you know that just I don't feel the same way about you. You're being ridiculous, this isn't Dan's fault. If you're gonna be mad at someone, be mad at me." You told him, you're eyes were growing watery but you couldn't cry, you had to stay strong.

"It's entirely his fault! He stole you away from me!" Pj shouted, Dan flinched as the gun pressed further into his temple.

"He didn't steal me! I fell in love with him, and everyday I fall in love with him again. You can't make that up, you can't force it, love is a feeling that happens naturally, I'm sorry but I just don't love you Pj." You said now in tears.

"No one ever does." Pj sighed and dropped the gun from Dan's head. He began walking towards you, he looked into your eyes. His eyes held pain, fear, disappointment, and longing all at the same time. Then he walked right out of your apartment.

You ran over to Dan and dropped down to your knees with him. You began crying into each other's shoulders. Both of you held onto each other for dear life, determined to not let anyone take the other away.

"We almost lost each other." You sniffled.

"Almost" Dan replied and held on tighter.

"Almost." You whispered.

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