The blacker the berry.

The sweeter the juice.

The darker the flesh.

Then the deeper the root's.

17 year old Nyla never really appreciated the meaning behind those lyrics. In fact she hated anything that reminded her of her midnight black skin. Always being at the butt end of joke's due to her very dark skin, bullying was nothing new for her.

Wanting nothing but acceptance from her peers, Nyla begins to lose herself, trying to please others. She confuses sex with love, thinking her body will get her the approval she so desperately wants.

But for Nyla, the self gratification only leads to heartbreak, sending her down a path that lead to traumatic events. And in those moment's, she realizes that nothing will ever be the same, and neither will she, once she confronts her inner heart, head on.

In this high school tale of self hate, self love, heartbreak, redemption, and much more, you'll learn that the key to being true to yourself is to be happy in the skin you're in.

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