Rossome Begginings to a Great Adventure

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Hey everyone it's AdorbzKitsune, back with another chapter! Yay! This chapter was really hard to think of for some strange reason. But we're here now and that means it's time to explore the 3 sneakiest thieves in town, and how they got stuck in this mess. Also I've come up with more names:

Max's Spirit: Shade- Kisune-female

Shelby's Spirit: Aquamarine- Mermaid-female

Jess' Spirit: Solar- Pheonix male

Jin's Spirit: Tidal- Sea Serpent-male

Now before we officially start, it's come to my attention that Jin has been arrested for an unforgivable crime. Someone found on his data files that he was arrested for child pornography. I- I'm just shocked that someone can be like that. So, it's gonna be hard for me to support Jin in this story after hearing this but... I'll try my best to write him as the good man we once knew before this.

So with this out of the way, onto the chapter.

~Ross' point of view~

I'm tired of having this same dream over and over. No, this isn't a dream, it's a nightmare. I haven't been able to sleep because of it and it's starting to affect the way I work in the middle of a heist. Luckily, Max and Shelby never complain. The nightmares o have every night are relatively the same. 9 people standing in a circle, then fighting, and all of a sudden these huge monster looking things appear and I wake up in a pool of sweat. It's really creepy. I sluggishly got out of bed and walked down stairs gracefully.

  If you can call falling out of the top bunk and onto your face, then repeatedly falling down the stairs graceful.

  "WHY ME!?" I yelled out frustrated as I pushed myself up and into the kitchen. I quickly opened the fridge and searched for the Mountain Dew we stole last night when I someone shuffle down stairs.

   "OH MY GOD ROSS!" It was my cousin Shelby. She ran over to me and pulled me away from the fridge as I helplessly tried to reach for the Mountain Dew.

   "Goodbye my son." I whispered trying to make a joke but Shelby just huffed and pushed me into a chair on the table. She ripped of the sleeve of her jacket and started to bandage my arm with it. "Um Shelby?"

   "Ross what happened?" She asked looking at me, her eyes filled with concern. I was really confused. I looked at my arm and saw blood staining the area where the "bandage" rested.

   "Holy crap." I whispered. I cringed as the pain suddenly began to flow through my arm and the rest my body. "I fell down the stairs, must have cut it on something." I stated as she continued to try to find anything to use for a makeshift first aid kit.

   "This is literally the third time this week you fell off of something Ross. What's wrong?" I knew this question was going to come up. My mind fumbled for an excuse. They would think I was crazy, maybe even leave me on the streets... like my parents. I shook my head. No. Shelby is my cousin and Max was like a brother to me. They would never leave me. I opened my mouth to speak but Max came running down the stairs with Galilao (I have no idea if I spelled that right O_O) tailing behind. He looked kind of worried.

  "Guys! I heard someone outside get quiet!" He whisper yelled as he grabbed the little dog and his under the table. Me and Shelby followed as quietly as possible. I heard talking but could only make out words like "...aren't here... spirits are returning" and other random gibberish. We stayed like this for what felt like hours until we heard footsteps leading away. The three of us released breathes that we were holding and exchanged silent high-fives.

  "How did they not see the giant tree house in the middle of the forest?" I asked. Max and Shelby just snickered and shrugged. I looked towards the fridge and saw Galilao eating the rest of the food we had left. "Why." I whispered as a tear fell from my eye for dramatic effect. Shelby glared at Max and he just scratched the back of his head with a worried smile. Looks like we have to go back to town today.

  "Max" Shelby was obviously upset but Galilao trotted over and laid in her lap, instantly calming her down. "AWW! I can't stay mad at you buddy." Max have out a sigh of relief and began to climb out of the tree house. I followed and I soon saw Shelby Starr to make her way down.

  "Looks like we have to hit the town again." Max shrugged as he grabbed his scarf from his pocket.

  "You really need to keep a better eye on Galilao." I sighed as I pulled up my hood. Max laughed and began to climb up a tree. Me and Shelby followed suite as we made our way to town.

  "You know you can trust them right?" I heard a voice. I almost fell out of the tree in shock.

  "Ross are you okay bud?" I looked ahead of me and saw Max and Shelby looking at me with worried eyes. I mentally smiled, I can't believe I doubted that I could tell them about my nightmares. They obviously trust me and would never leave me. Seeing how worried they looked right now, proved that.

  "Yah I'm fine, just being clumsy again." I laughed. Max and Shelby smiled and continued to jump from tree to tree. I looked around. 'Where did that voice come from?' I shrugged and continued to jump through the trees after Max and Shelby.

WOOHOO! I FINALLY FINISHED! Dear Lord that took forever but it is finally over! So next chapter will be in Max's point of view and it will be covering the whole chase between Adam and the three of them. Also, due to life being a massive SUCK and the fact that it hates me, I won't be able to upload as often as I would like but as soon as a chapter is done, I promise I will post. And with all that said, this is Adorbzkitsune, signing out.

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