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Jungkook was tired. He had been waiting for taehyung, and possibly yoongi-hyung for what seems like hours(in reality, it was only 20 minutes). Usually, if the tree of them meet up, yoongi would be here on tim, but jungkook guessed that taehyung must've convinced yoongi to wait for him in their apartment.
They were roommates after all.

Jungkook looked around the small cafe for any signs of his two, dorky, friends, but found none. All he did find were pitying looks that were directed towards him. He sighed before fumbling around in the pocket of his jacket, pulling out his phone when he finally found it.
Jungkook dialled yoongi's number, already knowing it from calling so many times, and waited for the other to pick up.
There were tree rings before yoongi picked up, yelling immediately being heard from the other side of the line.  "See yoongi I told you he—"
"you guys are late."  Jungkook impatiently sighed into the phone. 
"Yeah, I know, you can blame tae for that. " A baffled sound was heard next to yoongi.
"What!  I did nothing, plus we're almost there and—"
"Yeah, whatever just hurry it up."
"Awww, is our jungkookie already miss—" (lol poor tae always getting cut off)
Jungkook dropped the call, cutting off taehyung. He eyed the almost cold drink across from him before banging his head onto the very-sturdy table, groaning as he did so.

It was about a few minutes later that jungkook lifted his head off that table, forehead red. He had heard the bell on the door ringing and people sliding in the booth cross from him.
He lazily eyed taehyung, who nervously smiled at him, and a yoongi who looked very tired. Taehyung spoke up first.  "....we're here?..." Yoongi snorted.
"No shit, tae, about time too."

yoongi inspected the drink that was in front of him before downing it all in one go. Taehyung looked at him in disbelief. 

"Yoongi, what did Jin-hyung tell you about swearing!"
"Holy pickles."
"Stop swearing!" Yoongi just nonchalantly shrugged before jungkook cleared his throat.  Very loud. Both boys stopped bickering and turned their heads towards him.
"So if you two are done, can we go now?"
Taehyung frowned. "What about the drink?"

Jungkook sighed. "I already paid, and yours is over there on the counter to-go."
Taehyung turned himself around to look at the front counter, and sure enough, there was a paper cup placed at the pick-up section, hot steam still coming out of it.
Jungkook stood up. "Should we go now?"
Yoongi nodded.  "Let's go."

The three of them stood up, two of them exiting as taehyung went to go grab his drink and put a lid on it. 

Once taehyung was outside, they all walked over to the parking lot where jungkook's car was located (yoongi and tae didn't bring theirs because they lived near the cafe).
As they walked, jungkook's eyed yoongi, who was humming, probably, the newest track that he'd just finished making. "Hey, hyung, where are we going today?"
Yoongi stopped humming, and looked up, deep in thought. "Well, I was thinking that we could go to that one dock near the ocean..."
Taehyung looked up, confusion on his face. "But isn't it supposed to be windy today?"
Yoongi smiled at him. "That's the point."


"Okay tae."

They finally drove out the parking lot, jamming out to whatever was on.


Taehyung unbuckled his seatbelt as jungkook swivelled around to a stop, yoongi  grabbing the camera bag near his shoes. Once they all stepped out (yoongi getting out last), taehyung and jungkook started running around, yelling things along the lines of: "whoOOOO IT'S THE SEAAaaAA!"
Yoongi just laughed at the two, taking his camera out to snap some photos.

"Yoongi-hyung! Over here!"

Once it was out of the bag, the elder averted his camera over to the two teenagers, and started laughing even harder than before.
Jungkook and taehyung stood on a concrete block, posing in a cliche manner. Most of the photos had their faces in it, so it probably wouldn't make it onto the blog, but yoongi still took some anyways. It would be worth the memories.

The three of them just laughed and took pictures for a while until yoongi called them over. "Hey, you two, get over here."

Taehyung ran over, and jungkook hopped off the edge of the fence before walking over too yoongi. "What is it, hyung?"

There was now a nice breeze from the sea, and yoongi wanted to take the chance. "Jungkook, I want you to go sit back on the fence and pose or something, I don't know just be dramatic. Taehyung, stand next to jungkook, but just casually lean on the fence and look to the side. Don't want people seeing your face."

"But isn't it so beautiful?"

"If you want that much attention from random people, sure, go ahead tae, show your face."

"Wow, hyung, you're so considerate."

"I try, jungkook."

yoongi shooed the two over and helped them adjust into the poses he wanted them in before stepping back to take some pictures. (note: I have 0 knowledge on cameras.) 

"...look to the right, jungkook..."

"No, not your right, my right!"

"tae, do something with your hair, like run your hands through it or something." ("but, hyung, the wind's already doing something...")

"oh my gosh no, just try to be hot for once."

"jungkook get off the fence you're going to fall off." ("you're the one who told me to go on it!")

"okay, just run around or something, I'll take some dramatic pictures of your backs."


The sun was already setting by the time they finished, yoongi's arms hurting from the amount of camera-carrying he did with taehyung and jungkook, (who was happily tired) heavily breathing from running around so much. 

They all leaned against the fence with their elbows and admired the sun fading into a pink and purple, with specks of orange. They all high-fived each other and decided to call it a day.

 "Wait, wait! You guys gotta come take a picture with me first!"

"Jungkook, we literally see each other every day, what more could you ask for."

"It's called 'memories', hyung,"

yoongi laughed before patting taehyung on the shoulder. "c'mon, kid, he's right. It's not everyday that we get to do this."


After they all got back into the car, the youngest two piled in the back, exhausted from the day's work. 

Yoongi drove them back home. 

so i'm actually quite proud of this and finally decided to post it! it's just a short, first chapter, i know, and you guys waited so long you deserve more :((((

but with love, I present the first chapter of "WHO'S THIS? "


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