4 - The Cornfield

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You decide that getting as far away from that house is the best thing you can do. Who knows what kind of things are living or haunting in there? You make a break for the cornfield.
You break into the tall, thick stalks. A chainsaw is roaring behind you, from somewhere outside the corn. Your heart is pounding as fast as your feet and you maneuver through the maze of cornstalks. Behind you, the sound grows.
Out of nowhere, you hit the end of the corn and burst out into the open air. To your dismay, you're right back where you started, even though you're sure you ran in a straight line. Waiting there for you is a creepy old scarecrow and he's got the chainsaw. You skid to a stop in the dirt and take of in the other direction, back into the cornfield. He follows you.
You're panting and running, but he's always right behind you. You zig-zag and circle around. Nothing throws him off. Once again, you burst out of the cornfield and end up right back at the starting point.
"No!" you cry out.
The chainsaw roars in your ears and you run again. This time, you run toward the old barn, hoping to find some kind of weapon there. But you trip and fall. The chainsaw makes a mess of you while you scream your last scream ever.


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