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We've all been through a path in which we've doubted God and have all learned what it's like to be the outsider. There is one day every week in which we are able to go and learn more about our Lord. No one is perfect; He is perfect. God loves us, He loves you. He never stopped, and He never will.

So why do we doubt Him? Are we breaking away from Christ? Will God forgive me of my sins and doubts? The Lord will never abandon you. We doubt Him because of sin. Everyone has doubted Him-that doesn't mean that you're a terrible Christian.

We were put on this earth for a reason: that reason is not to break away from God. Even though we may go our separate ways. If you are a true Christian, you will always believe that God is with you. He is the refuge in the storm, the hero during our crisis-the love in our life . . .our very being. He made you, loves you, cares for you.

He will never stop even if you have fallen from Him. Even if you've never went to church before, He will love you. You are beautiful. Many people will try to tell you otherwise. Those who have hurt you are broken. They are jealous of your relationship with God. Embrace God, your personality, and others around you.

Many of my friends were not religious in the past years. They used to make fun of me because of my belief. I soon resented going to church, I was embarrassed of God. I was embarrassed that I was His child and that He was my Father. That was the biggest sin I have ever made.

I doubted God more and more everyday and struggled with my faith. I lost myself, I pushed away others. It was as if I was living a completely different life. Now, I've converted most of my friends to God.

Some of them have asked me questions about Him...I've grown in my faith. I've come back to God and have given Him my life. I trust in Him alone. My doubt is what made me strong, my struggles are what has made me grow into the person I've become. Yes, I have done things I've regretted in the past. But it's what helped me learn not to do those things today.

Don't let anyone tell you that your belief is wrong. Let God take your problems in His hands. Let Him take care of you throughout the day. He is the King of all Kings. He is the Almighty God. Trust in Him, grow in your faith. Don't let others' opinions affect yours. 

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