[2] Happy Days

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Sackville, Georgia
Eleven Years Later

Hurry up, they're coming.

Tying the knot as fast as he can, Sebastian Cobalt hurries away from the makeshift setup spot. He manages to duck behind a bush as the first two runners rounds a cluster of trees. With a hand over his mouth, he listens in silence, waiting to hear the one noise of a foot snagging that will let him know his trap has worked.

A few minutes ago, he messed with the uneven ground, so he could set up one of his favorite pranks. This particular prank consist of a rope, made out of vines from the trees, being tied across the walkway. Anyone coming along would get their foot hung and tip forward. In this case, Sebastian is well aware that his sister said something about a race earlier in the week. Being the eleven year old kid, he is, he couldn't help but become apart of the race as well by causing some mischief.

When he didn't hear the scuffling sound of his trap successful hooking the foot of another, he peeks through the bush he was hiding behind. He is just in time to see his sister and another running by.

Darn, I didn't get him.

Disappointed, he is about to duck back on the other side of the bush when he hears the pounding of many feet on the forestry floor. Watching, he see four more werewolves running closely together. His gaze follows their movement closely. As they approaches the first of his traps, a small smile appears on his face.

In his mind, he counts to ten. While before his eyes, the runners runs on without any thought to the trap awaiting them. The runner in the lead was a muscular-looking man who seems to be running with all his might. He isn't looking where he's going. No, his mind seems to be focus on what's ahead of him. The angry look on his face brings a small chuckle from Sebastian.

Oh, this is going to be good.

And it was. For, the male runner trips over the lump of ground, which disguise the rope of vine the young boy has settle up. He covers his mouth with his hands to keep from laughing out loud.

Two more of the runners falls right behind the first. The first runner roars and leaps to his feet as quick as he could. Sebastian moves as quickly as he could without being seen along the bushes and trees. He was just in time to see the male runner fall right into his pit-hole trap.

He had dug a hole earlier to trap his sister's guy friend, but catching her boyfriend was more of a bigger prize to him. Laughing lowly, he turns and makes his way toward home. Behind him, he leaves the raging, muscular runner to get out of the trap alone.

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