Chapter 2

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{2} Wait you got dumped too...Weird so did i. So how again did we end up in bed together

Chapter Two

"But Its ok to make out Right" I said looking at him biting my bottom lip,he groaned and shifted his body trying to cover his huge hard on, I giggled under my breath. I watched him put his hands down his pants, This time i groaned. Just thinking of what i could do with that huge thing his now holding in his hands under his pants!

"Yeah" He said pushing me down on the bed again, I moaned when his hand grabbed my boobs hard, Clothes were flying off so fast. Pretty soon he was in his boxers laying beside me, holding himself up on his elbow. Who just stops like that we were about to have sex and then he rolls over on his elbow!

"I'll get the condoms"" He said jumping off the bed and running to the bathroom. I looked down to see I'm in my underwear and no Braw. There was a burning type thing in my lower area, like a non stop burning just waiting to be fucked,

"My name's nate " He said crawling over to me,Wow nate's a hot name I watched him pull the condom bigger to fit his manmeat

"Here" I said crawling over to him and slapping his hands around from his manmeat. I put the condom on the tip of his #ick. I leaned my head down and slid the condom all the way on his #ick with my mouth. ahh his #ick is so hot and hard. having his #ock in the back of my throat. Hearing his panting is making me so wet, and the fact that his hands slowly slidding down my body making its way to my lower area doesn't help either!.

"Oh YEAH" Nate said panting and started to put his finger in my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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