Hi guys,
If you care about this book at all please read this.

A couple nights ago I started re-reading this book and I couldn't help but think that I don't deserve the 112k reads I have... There are parts where I just think "my writing sucks" and there are other ones where the story doesn't even makes sense.

Ali said that I'm being too hard on myself and maybe I am -but honestly- before I continue writing this I'd like to go back and change some stuff, re-write it and make this book suck a little less.

I've read so many great girlxgirl books here on Wattpad that are just so amazing and well written, many of which I've used for inspiration as some of you can tell, and I want this book to be as good as them

I'll try to do this as quickly as possible so that's why Ali and I have some news...

Ali and I decided that she'd help me edit the story, re-write it and maybe even add some stuff to the plot, with her on board I honestly feel like this book might get back on track so HUGE SHOUTOUT TO HER! For being so supportive and amazing.

Let us know what you think

We love you guys!
Ali & Sophie

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