Chapter 13: You say the words and my weapon is drawn

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Tyler let out a laugh. "Good morning, love", he said as he hugged Josh. Josh shuffled around and pushed Tyler back on his back. He cuddled up to Tyler and rested his head on Tyler's chest.

"I don't want to leave your warmth", Josh sighed.

"What about you stay here under the warm duvets, and I'll prepare you a nice warm bath?" Tyler proposed. "And then I'll go make something to eat for that starving tummy of yours", Tyler said as he rested his hand on Josh's tummy and rubbed it. Josh giggled.

"Okay then", he smiled.

"Good", Tyler smiled as he leaned down and kissed Josh's lips.

"Love you, I'll be right back when I prepared the bath for you", Tyler said. Josh nodded as he kissed Tyler once more, and then let go. Tyler tucked him in under the duvets before getting up and walking to the bathroom. He prepared the bath, with cherry soap and a few candles again. He grabbed some towels and hung them on the radiator, then went to get some comfy clothes for Josh for after bath.

He walked back to the bedroom and made Josh get out of bed.

"How's your elbow?" Josh asked worriedly.

"My elbow is doing great sweetie, nothing to worry about. I promise", Tyler said. They went to the bathroom where Josh kissed Tyler once more before undressing and getting into the tub.

Tyler leaned down and kissed Josh's lips. "I'm gonna make dinner... Breakfast? What am I gonna make us?" He asked.

"Dinfast", Josh said. Tyler chuckled. "I'm gonna make us some dinfast", he laughed. Josh smiled and kissed him. "Okay baby", he smiled.

"Enjoy your bath, honey", Tyler said as he walked to the door.

"Tell me when dinfast is almost ready and I need to get out, okay?" Josh asked, closing his eyes.

"Of course", Tyler said, and left the room.

He got s text from Christina asking if she could come pick up Jimmy's schoolbag. Tyler quickly texted s reply before grabbing the small backpack and putting the stuff Jimmy needed to bring with him in it. He walked downstairs when the bell rang.

Tyler opened the door and smiled brightly as he saw Christina with Jimmy on her arm. He was wearing a black skirt with pink roses on it.

"Hey Chris, hi beautiful!" Tyler smiled as he went to take Jimmy from Christina.

"Hey Tyler", she smiled as she gave Jimmy to him. "How are you doing?" She asked.

"I'm okay, Josh and I are okay", he smiled. "How's my beautiful boy, hm?" He asked Jimmy. Jimmy giggled and hugged Tyler.

"We've been having a lot of fun", Christina smiled as they walked inside. "He really is the cutest little boy I've ever met", she said as she caressed Jimmy's hair for a second.

"That's so awesome! Do you wanna go see daddy for a minute?" Tyler asked. Jimmy nodded heavily. "Yes!! Daddy!" He cheered.

"Do you mind?" Tyler asked Christina.

"Of course not! I'll wait here in the living room", she smiled as she took the backpack from Tyler. He thanked her and walked upstairs with Jimmy on his arm.

"You're looking so pretty today, sweetie", Tyler told Jimmy as they walked up the stairs. "You look tired", Jimmy replied. Tyler let out a laugh. "Thanks sweetie", he laughed. "Daddy and daddy have slept a really long time today, way too long", Tyler said as he walked to the bathroom. Jimmy hummed.

"Babe?" Tyler called out as he cracked the door open. Josh sat up and pulled his legs towards himself. Tyler pushed the door open and the brightest smile appeared on Josh's face when he saw Jimmy.

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