Chapter 13: You say the words and my weapon is drawn

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Tyler woke up slowly, blinking at he sunlight that shone through the curtains.

He yawned and smiled. He and Josh had both slept well. He glanced at the clock.

Tyler jumped up.

"Josh!!! Josh wake up!" Tyler said as he shook Josh.

"What?" Josh mumbled. "What's wrong?" He asked as he slowly woke up, yawning. He rubbed his eyes.

"It's 6 pm!" Tyler said.

Josh shot straight, immediately wide awake.

"6 pm?!" He exclaimed.

"Yes! Oh my god we just slept the whole fucking day! I need to check in on Chris and Jen quickly", Tyler said as he stood up and grabbed his phone from the dresser. He walked back to Josh and sat down on the bed.

Jennaaa at 11:31 am: "Hey Tyler!"

Jennaaa at 12:27 pm: "Tyler?"

Zoraxlove64 at 12:59 pm: "Yo Tyjoboy were u at, Jen is worried"

Jennaaa at 2:04 pm: "everything alright? You still sleeping?"

Jennaaa at 2:23 pm: "Josh doesn't answer either. Guess you're both still sleeping? Long night?"

Zoraxlove64 at 3:12 pm: Jenna won't stop wondering where you and Josh are. I'm telling her you're either just sleeping or not on your phones. Unfortunately that isn't enough for her.

Jennaaa at 3:16 pm: ignore Christina's text. I'm not as annoying as she's saying. I promise.

Jennaaa at 4:02 pm: "Anyways I was just texting to tell you that we're stealing Jimmy for another day and night"

Tyler sighed relieved.

"They're offering to take care of Jimmy for another day and night", he told Josh.

"That's awesome", Josh sighed. Tyler nodded as he quickly texted a reply.

"They'll probably come pick up his school bag for tomorrow. I'm working half a day tomorrow, need to edit a few more pages for the magazine coming out next week. Maybe you can pick Jimmy up from school though? Gonna do some grocery shopping for the whole week right after work", Tyler said as he stretched himself out.

"Of course, always", Josh yawned. Tyler chuckled.

"Are you hungry, sweetheart?" He asked. Josh shrugged. "Not really, it's okay", he said.

"And now the truth?" Tyler asked.

"...really hungry", Josh blushed. Tyler let out a laugh. "I'm gonna prepare us something-" he said as he stood up.

"Noooo wait I'm still sleeping you have to wake me up", Josh said.

"How do-" Tyler started asking, before he saw Josh lay down on his side again, closing his eyes. Tyler smiled.

He crawled back on the bed to Josh. He pulled the duvets on top of himself before wrapping his arm around Josh's body.

"Joshua, baby, it's time to wake up", Tyler whispered as he ran his hand through Josh's hair gently and pressed soft, careful kisses on his cheek and forehead.

Josh mumbled something. Tyler smiled to himself.

"Time to get up sleepyhead, c'mon sweetie", Tyler whispered. Josh opened his eyes. "G'morning", he mumbled.

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