Table of Contents

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The children run across the grass
With aching feet,
Heads tilted back,
Searching our eyes for doves.
(from "Searching for Doves" by A. V. Deitch)


1. A Woman With The Heart Of A Lioness
... Now Where Was I ...
2. The Truth Behind The Legend
3. A Request From A Lady
4. The Greenhouse Closed At Five
5. An Exquisite Mixture of Flavours
6. Happily Ever After?
7. Enough Of Domestic Matters
8. Innocent Blood
9. Don't Say His Name!
10. A Little Bit Of Heaven
11. This Ain't A Stephen King Novel
12. He Was Late
13. These Small Doves
14. Impossible Tasks
15. A Promise Ring
16. A Better Girlfriend
17. Not As Dumb As He Looks
18. Later He Would Call Himself Naive
19. Not Alone
20. I Am Experienced
21. The Best Things In Life Are Free
22. I Have No Weapon
23. We Must Strategize
24. Well Into The Mountains
25. All Creatures Have Their Use
26. An Inoculation Against Evil
27. The Woeful Waif Is Wounded
28. No One To Kiss It Better
29. Unable To Look Away
30. There Is No Threat Here
31. Who Wears The Ring?
32. No Answer
33. I Will Be Back
34. Something I Have Never Told You
35. And What Had Become of the "Little Girls"?
36. I Knew You Were Coming
37. You Are A Hero
38. Fool Me Once
39. How's Crane Doing?
40. Enough History, For Now
41. Eeee! Eeee!
42. Come Closer To Hear
43. Bats?
44. Monty?
45. On The Run
46. Kindred Spirits
47. Writer's Block
48. Now We'll See Who's Docile
49. Despicable!
50. All Will Be Well ...
51. ... But Not Just Yet
52. The Crystal Palace
53. Death And Rebirth

... to be continued ...

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