A/N: Here it is!!! This was meant to be the final chapter but as you can tell from the slightly rubbish ending (it's another late night and I wanted to get this ASAP as a gift  to you all) it doesn't really end here so yeah there's definitely going to be another chapter which is the final one and also an epilogue. Anyways so I might edit/expand the ending of this when it isn't so late at night but I just wanted you guys to read this so much that I couldn't stop myself writing ^_^

There was only so much that a fictitious doctor could cure. Technically my insomnia was only made worse by the amount of blue light emitted from my laptop screen as I watched House.  Even insomnia was an exaggeration- it had only just gone half nine. But procrastinating my revision away and having late-night becomes early-morning Netflix sessions were starting to take their toll. Still, I'd worked my way through the first four seasons of House, so I'd achieved something. Just not anything that would look good on my exam results.

Anyway, I actually did need to watch House that night. It proved to be an okay distraction as I watched House and Wilson's antics, until the plot turned to the actual patient. Something about their family, reminding me that Lily had once told me she liked to watch House over at her Dad's. I wondered if the party was at her Dad's. At that point I knew no matter how sarcastic Hugh Laurie got, my attention had been lost.

Instead, it wandered back to thinking about her. No matter how many times I yawned, my brain refused to accept that I needed sleep. No, it was too busy recounting those little details about Lily. Like the fact that today was her birthday and right now she'd be flitting between people, her short hair showing off her diamond shaped face and that beacon of a smile. Dan would lurk by her side, and someone would be snapping photos to upload to Facebook... I could think about her all night long and she probably hadn't given me a second thought since this morning.

'Seriously, go to sleep', I told myself as I pushed the laptop screen down, then shuffled down the bed so that I could stretch out my right leg to turn the charger off. Beneath the plug socket, a square of light kept flashing through the flimsy page of a comic book cover. I flipped Batman's face away and picked up the lone novelty mince pie sock that was lighting up.

Inside was my phone- I'd been trying to hide it from myself whilst attempting to study. Perhaps it would have been better to have hidden the phone in the matching sock, which I hadn't seen for over a year. But I wasn't about to get distracted by the phone now either, and made to turn it off. Except I caught sight of the caller ID. It was probably some drunken dare, I could imagine all her friends gathered around with half-suppressed laughs and jeers as she spoke to me. But if Lily's apology meant anything then she wouldn't do such a thing. Even though I knew it was stupid, but I took the risk and lifted the phone to my ear. Just in case, I was determined to speak first.


My own name echoed back in a gasp, followed by what I hoped was a sigh of relief rather than a suppressed sob. There was no time to think about it, as fragmented words poured into my ear. Her voice was too crackly and weirdly pitched for me to understand.

"Wait, Lil-" I began, but a beep blared, and I tore the phone away from my ear.

The words 'Call disconnected' flashed onscreen. I immediately hit call back. With every ring another worst-case scenario came to mind. Why else would she suddenly decide to phone me? I had a sinking feeling that this was far worse than some prank call.

"Lily, what the hell is going on? Are you okay?" I said, as soon as we were reconnected. I strained to decipher her response. The words weren't much clearer than last time, and there was this pounding noise every few seconds.

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