Getting Caught Part 41

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"Around. Turn. Now. Was what Knox then ordered and like the obedient little soldiers he has raised, they instantly obed.

But not without laughing.

Matthew had lowered Sasha down his chest and stood her in front of him so she couldn't see anything more.

Using his shirt once we reached the bank, Knox rubbed himself down, but especially his knee and arm and a moment later, he was dressed in his boxers with his prosthetics were attached.

I waited for him to be properly attired so to speak before I scrambled for my underwear andmy larger t-shirt that I pinched off Knox earlier in the day. Once we were presentable enough, the kids who were still snickering, all turned back to us when their ftaher grunted at them.

They know what grunts and groans mean for them all.

Feeling an arm which told me was one of the boys sneak around my shoulder, I turned to see that danny was standing there looking down at me with one of his shy smiles.

I turned to wrap my own arms around him and gave him a tight squeeze.

"I love you boy. Always remember that." I whispered into his ear. Just for him.

He gave me a sweet smile with the slightest of frowns before whispering that he loved me too. Then he released me to go to his father for some coddling too which the others were all doing.

We spent another hour down there before Knox said it was enough and we all had to head on up to the house.

The kids all groaned at that, but since it was the end of the week, I know we would find ourselves down here again tomorrow about lunch time. We usually come down for a picnic lunch on the weekend when we have nothing else on and after all the chores are done.

It was something both Knox and I usually look forward to doing with the kids.

But as we walked back to the house with Ryan this time wiht his sister draped against his back as he piggy backed her, I noticed once more that Matthew was once again very quiet.

This was despite him also piggy backing one of the little ones.

I squeezed the hand holding mine getting Knox's attention and once I did, I jerked my head towards Matty.

Hearing Knox take a deep breath, I held my own wondering what it was that he was going to say.

"Matt. Can we talk some more about that crop you want to grow. Tell me the whole thing. Maybe we can work something out." Knox said to our oldest which had him smiling in eagerness after he thought he might have been in for it after slamming out of the house earlier.

"Can I dad. I've been really thinking about it and I know exactly how to do it and how much space we'll need." He was saying as he stopped and waited for his father to catch up to him and when he did, he walked by his side as they talked about other things instead.

But that's because I told them they could talk about it after dinner.

I want the kids bathed and in their jammies within an hour after getting back to the house.

Knox went and had a shower while I started dinner ready. he came out with Sasha and finished it while I went and had my on as well as sort out the two youngest girls. Little Kevin went in with his father who showered him down as well as himself.

Half an hour after dinner had been served, the younger kids were in bed, the other kids were in the lounge or their own rooms and Matty and Knox were sitting at the table when there was a knock at the door.

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