Getting Caught Part 41

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For all you lovely readers out there. And not just the cake either.

7th October 2916 All Rights Reserved.

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Neena's POV...

I have to say that the kids sometimes catch me and Knox during some.. inappropriate moments. But this one has to be I think the most embarrassing one yet.

We had literally been caught with our pants down.

It wasn't hard to see them since they were tossed on the bank of the river like they were along with Knox's prosthetics. Knox and I were just enjoying a little bit of time for ourselves without anyone interrupting us.

But I will admit too, that we did get a little carried away with the situation we were presently found in. But I don't see Knox worrying about it.

A moment later, the kids all came into view laughing and chatting aaway telling each other about their day and what they found in it to be happy about.

I smiled when I heard them muttering about it like they usually do when they all get together. I have to say that what really had me smiling was how Matthew had his younger sister, Sasha draped over his shoulder as they all stopped still on the bank and looked with frowns at the pile of clothing that was laying at there feet.

"Please don't tell me that mumma and daddy aren't out there skinny dipping? They are, aren't they?" Sasha went on to say with something like disgust in her voice.

At her words, the kids heads all shot up and looked out into the river to see if we were there in front of them. The moment their eyes came our way, I lowered myself down into the water so that the level was just lapping over my breasts. Since Knox was much bigger than me, he was easier to see in the water.

Thinking that I would shock them, I jumped up on Knox's back who had moved a little in front of me. Then I wrapped my legs around him in the water and hoisted myself up so that I was able to see the kids above his shoulders and gave the kids a wave.

"hello kids. Did you all have a good day today?" i called out while Knox was trying to keep hold of me as I wiggled over his back. But it was proving to be difficult and before I knew it, I had slipped off the side of him with him trying to struggle at not losing me, but it was a losing fight with his fumbling and I fell in and under the surface of the water that was suppose to be lapping at Knox's hips.

"Did we just see mumma's boobies?" I heard kevin scream out in surprise which had the kids giving all sorts of groans after I heard that after coming straight up out of the water to grab hold of Knox again.

But you have to admit that Knox was doing a good job for someone who wasn't even standing on two legs at the moment. There was this rock below us that he was using for balance, but we'll have to get out shortly anyway. The kids use this rock too when they are playing in the water.

"If you kids will turn your backs, your mother and I will come out and get dressed." Knox directed all of our children, which they obediently did.

Then we started making our way out towards the beach.

"Excuse me? Did anyone forget about me?" We heard Sasha's voice call out which had us looking up to see her still over her brothers shoulder and leaning her head on her bent arms which were resting on her brothers back as she watched us struggling to get out while she rested her chin in her cupped hands.

How embarrassing.

I think she copped a look at both of us before she spoke, the little stinker. Probably decided to see if we were both like everyone else before speaking. But what caused both Knox and I to freeze was that when she spoke, all of the others were then turned around to look at what she was saying.. namely us.

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