Chapter 22

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Ivy's P.O.V
Me and Jaz were at the mall baby shopping.
"Isn't this adorable!!" She said holding up a onsie that said I have the world's greatest aunt. I shook my head yes.
"What's wrong?" She asked. I looked down at my ring. I didn't take it off. I love Daveed too much .
"You're lying. What's up?" I looked at Jaz and then down at my ring again.
"It's about Daveed isn't it? Ivy what's going on?" I started crying. She came over and hugged.
"He cheated on me." I said between sobs.
"Oh honey. I am sure there is an explanation."
"I am sure there is but I don't want to hear it right now." I said walking towards jaz's car.
"Who is the girl?" She asked getting into the car.
"Oh my God. Not this girl again."
"What do yo mean?"
"Well a couple of months ago, me and Anthony had grown very distant. So I guess Ariana decided she needed to fill my space."
"Wow. Wait why were you and Anthony so distant?"
"Come on I'll show you." She said pulling up to her apartment. I was a little confused but I just followed her up stairs. She opened a room door. On the other side of the door was a baby's nursery. It was blue and it had 'Jason' written in grey letters on the wall.
"What is all this?"
"At the beginning of the year, I found out I was pregnant. 4 months after that we lost the baby."
"Oh Jaz I'm so sorry." I said.
"Yh well after that me and Anthony stopped talking and blamed each other for the baby's death. Please make up with Daveed, for your own good." I shook my head yes.

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