2: Out of the stillness, soft spoken words.

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Ross quietly walked into Georges room, where George was waiting for him on the balcony. He knew that his parents would probably let him go out, but where's the fun in asking? Also he wasn't sure how strict Ross's parents where on him and he didn't want to take the chance.

Ross and George slipped down jumping onto the sand before running down the beach and out of sight of the shack they called their holiday home for the next few weeks. George smiled at his cousin as the giggled together before seeing a few Bon fire's in the distance. "I think I see it.. Come on" Ross said walking slightly ahead and George followed. He knew he'd probably end up sitting alone starring off into the water alone, this might also be the reason why George didn't mind coming out all that much. George always had a lot of thoughts, they always rushed in and through his head. Today his thoughts were mostly of the curly haired guy, Matty, who lived a few houses down.

George walked towards the girls that Ross was waving at and he half smiled, one girl eyeing him off. Clearly the friend of Ross's new summer fling. "You want a beer uhhh.." "George" he cut in.. "My names George" she smiled up at George "cool.. I'm Sarah". She walked off to a tub full of beers and pulled two out, Ross had seemed to walk off in the opposite direction with his summer fling and had abandon George hair has he had presumed it would go, only he'd hoped to be alone. Sarah came back and handed George a beer. He towered the top open and then took a sip. "So..you live around here?" She nodded in response, "yeah.. It's an alright place, minus the fact that everyone knows everyone who is local" she laughed. George had to admit she was beautiful especially in the light coming off the Bon fire, and maybe if he wasn't so keen on guys, he'd go for her and have his own summer fling with Sarah. He watched her sip her beer and look across the fire to a girl who was flirting with another girl, George raised his eyebrow and felt the jealousy seeping off her skin and he sighed softly for her. "Ex?" He asked pointing his beer in that direction before sipping it lightly. Sarah rolled her eyes "pathetic right?" She laughed once more and George grinned and shrugged "kinda" he laughed also before shaking his head. "I get it.. I had my own troubles like that not that long ago". "He's just so.... I don't know.." She sighed and sipped her beer. George press's his lips together before moving his arm around her neck and smiled at her. "Just go with it.." He said and cleared his throat before letting out a loud laugh to get his attention. Sarah giggled too before moving her head closer into Georges chest. "Thanks" she whispered and watched as her ex looked at George like he was breaking something inside of him physically. He stormed off and Sarah smiled pushing George back and laughed again. "Seriously.. Thank you". George shrugged and was about to say 'anytime' before the curly haired boy approached them. "Sarah you looked cozy...with big Ol' George here" He said and raised an eyebrow at George and then her. George was caught off guard and coughed softly on some beer before he started to explain. "It was nothing...I was just.. I'm.. I was helping..I'm gay.. So I mean... It wasn't really..." George paused and mentally stabbed himself for being so socially awkward at times. "Chill..." Matty said and laughed "she's my best friend.. Not my girlfriend". "Do you guys know each other?" Sarah said a little confused at how they'd have known each other. "Allen ran into George on the beach today.. Tumbling the poor fellow over" Matty said clearly a little tipsy at this point. "That George? You're that George?... Allen might just be the match maker we all need" Sarah said smirking at Matty and he hit her shoulder gently, George raising an eyebrow. Obviously Matty had said something earlier to Sarah that George was unknown to. It was quiet for a moment before George decided to speak up. "I should probably find my cousin" He said softly, Matty quickly perking up "I'll help you" he said and then pulled George away from Sarah and with him towards the opposite direction Ross had originally walked, but George wasn't going to complain. "Nice meeting you George!" Sarah had yelled out as Matty pulled him off into the sandy darkness.

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