A Few Truths Told Part 40

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What did the man expect? The boy was just like his father, not just in looks but in temperament too. I might love them both, but the two of them can be a right royal pain in the arse a times.

"I would have thought that he would know this. We talked about it before." Knox was saying as he leaned on the chair he was now standing behind.

"If I remember rightly, you didn't talk with him about it. You flat out told him just like you did this time. You really shouldn't be surprised that he acted this way. His ideas are sound and I think they have merit." I said to him in a clam manner as I moved the dishes that were in the washer out and up onto the bech for packing away.

"Then you're an idiot too." Was what he went on to say before realising exactly what he said.

I squeezed my lips together and stood up slowly keeping my eyes on the scenery that was outside the door.

" Yes... I guess I am. I already know that I'm not your first choice for anything." I said to him quietly as I stood there with tears beginning to burn my eyes as I tried to stop them from filling them. But it was hard.

" What the hell does that mean?" He burst out behind me with an angry frown.

"Oh, come on Knox. I've always known that I'm not exactly your choice for having a family with. Shit, even the older kids know it. We've always known it. So I can't see why the hell you're so surprised." I snapped at him as my voice got louder and louder.

Turning around to get the cups that were still on the table, I reached out to get them and put them in the sink.

But the moment I reached out for them, Knox startled me when he grabbed hold of my wrist and started to drag me out the back through the door and across the porch and down towards the chicken coop which was down the back yard.

"What are you doing Knox?" I asked him in a hiss, not wanting to scream at him when there were some of our kids around that might end up coming at a run to see what the hell has their mother screaming.

"Damn it, Knox." I called out to him, trying to tug my wrist out of his hand. But again, no success. He had tight hold of me and wasn't letting go.

We actually went walking on passed the coop and down the middle of the horses paddock towards the crop of trees that rimmed the river down at the bottom of the hill.

I can just imagine what the neighbours would be thinking if they saw us at the moemnt. If we had neighbours that is. But I'm glad that we don't.

'Will you stop dragging me around. What do you think you are doing you bloody man?" I yelled at him this time, far enough away from the house so that the little ones who were napping the afternoon away, wouldn't hear me going off at their father.

" What the hell was that remark about back up in the house?" He snapped at me after we reached a small grassy area that had flattened out a little through the tree line but couldn't be actually seen by anyone up the hill.

"I would have thought you would have understood what I said. Do you need me to repeat it to you?" I snapped at him after giving him a really dirty look while rubbing my wrist which was looking to bruise somewhat after he let me go.

"Indulge me, why don't you?" He said with this deeply clipped tone of voice.

That was the tone of voice he used when he was interrogating someone his team had captured from his soldier days. He should know that it does not work on me. He really should remember that. I know I do.

"Speak woman. Now! This has gone on long enough." He snapped at me as he tried to stand over me.

He should alo remember what happenes when someone does that to me too.

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