A Few Truths Told Part 40

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Neena's POV...

We have been back for a few days and everyone was back into their routines again.

All except for Sasha of course. She was still recovering, but managing to get herself around with the help of a crutch or two when her strong and capable brothers weren't around to pick her much smaller body up and lug her around and plop her where she wanted to be plopped.

I also noticed that Matty was quiet which was unusual for him.

I imagine that there was something that had come up and he was either dealing with it or.. Who am I kidding. He's nearly a man now and he isn't going to come running to his mumma when something is wrong all the time.

That's his fathers job to sort out now that Matty is nearly fully grown.

But that particular chore might not be as easy done as it was said. Matty could hold a grudge a lot longer than I can. Not that he has a grudge with his father.

It just comes back to trust issues.

Matty didn't forget. I suppose I will have to talk to him after all. Maybe if I talk about my own issues he might be willing to then loosen up with his.

I'll wait until he has finished all the chores he is presently doing and catch that chat with him later when no one is around. As it was, the kids were back in school and Ryan was about finished now and only needed to sit for his exams now. But school would be finishing soon and they'll be on their way home shortly after.

Then he'll be finished at school unless he chooses to do a tertiary course. I'll have to talk to him as well about what his options are that he wants.

But I have noticed that he likes to be out on the property doing things that help with the running of the place.

Matthew was the same, but he also decided to do a uni sub course to enhance his horticultural and pastural studies so that he can keep up wiht the everyday to day advancements that are needed on a property where there is livestock and planting involved.

He wants to plant a crop or two to help with the feeding of the livestock instead of buying the fodder since we have no absolutes as to how that feed is grown and what pesticides and chemicals are used on it.

From what I gather, he wants to go with as natural as possible. So he's been reading up in natural growths and how to be pest free in his spare time.

We hadn't been back long when I noticed that he was wanting to try something different, but his father didn't agree with him.

But instead of sitting down with Matty, he just flat out veto'd the idea making Matty mad as hell. I had to step in before they came to fists.. sort of.

Matty went stomping out of the house leaving me and Knox standing there looking after him as he slammed the door behind him.

"I have no idea what makes that kid tick. He should know that we can't do what he wants. We don't have the room for it or the equipment to carry it through." Knox was saying in a frustrated tone as he ran his fingers through his hair as he stared at the door our son went through.

"Did you think that maybe sitting down and quietly explaining all this to him so that another result could have been achieved instead of this one?" I asked him trying not to be sarcastic about it.

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