Our Story- Alternate Version

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🐾Sky's POV🐾

I slammed my locker shut and blew a breath which caused my bangs to fly up

"Woah" a familiar voice said "What's up your butt?"

I looked into the familiar blue eyes of my best friend and sighed "I don't know, I just don't feel like myself today"

He looked at me in concern "What's wrong Princess?"

I shrugged and looked away "I don't know, I just feel like something's going to happen today"

"Something good or bad?" Christian asked curiously

I shrugged again "I don't know. I feel antsy and you know how I'm like when I feel antsy"

He chuckled before grabbing my hand and dragging me to the cafeteria "I know. Now come on, let's feed you or else you'll be an antsy beast"

I punched him in the shoulder "Shut up you idiot"

He grinned "Hey did you hear about the new kid?"

I fixed my bangs and ran a finger through my straight brown hair "No, I zoned out when the girls started squealing like pigs"

Chris laughed "I bet you're the only cheerleader in the whole entire world that hates gossip"

I pouted "I don't hate gossip, I just hate hearing the same stuff over and over again"

I flipped my hair and in a high pitched voice I said "Oh, Hanna did you see that girl wearing the exact same thing you wore a week ago?" I squealed dramatically "Oh my Gawd, yes Steph, I totally saw that witch. She looked ugly in it and couldn't pull it off like I could even on her best day"

Chris laughed and his eyes widened right before I ran into a wall

"Oomph" I said before feeling the really warm wall

My eyes widened when I realized that walls aren't suppose to be warm

I stared at the black muscular v-neck shirt before my eyes lifted and collided with the prettiest green eyes I've ever seen.

I sucked in a breath when he smiled at me "Hi" he said

"Hi" I whispered back before jumping away from him and looking at my bare wrist "Oh! would you look at the time. I think I'm late for class"

And with that I ran away from my best friend and the hot new guy


Midway through my Calculus lesson, a knock sounded on the classroom door. The kids that weren't sleeping perked up and the kids that were, continued to snore.

It wasn't often that we got visitors.

"Come in!" My calculus teacher grumbled.

In walked the guy I ran into.

He was over 6 ft tall with dark hair and a built body. He was dressed like a typical bad boy, with a black leather jacket,  V-Neck, dark jeans, and timberland boots.

"Hey" he grunted "Is this Calculus I?"

"Yes, it is" My teacher raised his eyebrows "and you are?"

"I'm Kaden Matthews" he said in a bored tone

Recognition hit my teacher's face "Come in, Boy"

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