Chapter 10

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Jay's p.o.v

"Kelsey you woke up!" I gently tugged her up into my arms, loving the feel of her

What I didn't love was the vague look that lingered in her eyes.

"Kelsey what's wrong? Are you hurting somewhere"

She shook her head and slide away from me a litlle, holding onto her blankets tightly.


"I'm.. I'm sorry but... Who are you?"

I grabbed the bed for support and let my head lay down as the dizziness took over me. It was like I had suddenly just gotten seriously drunk in a matter of seconds. The horrible feeling when your body tells you, you've had to much to drink, and all you can feel is the discusiting vomit trying to escape you.

"Are.. You alright?"

I looked up, at her face and felt some tears free fall from my eyes. Quickly wiping them away, I let myself sit back on the seat beside her bed. Glad the dizziness had gone away but annoyed that I still felt like vomitng.

"Tell me Kelsey could you tell me how you got here?"

"You mean how I ended up in hospital?"

I nodded, and waited for her to explain.

"Well I was on my way home to school... And I was crossing a road... I think.. I think I wanted to meet with someone.."

She grasped her head and shivered, "And then I got hit"

"Okay that's enough you don't have to talk about it if it hurts to"

She nodded and smiled, "thanks.."

"Can you tell me other things like your name, birthday... Birth place,age parents, school boyfriend perhaps?"

She nodded, "I was born on the 2nd of August In Ridgelake hospital my parents are Bill Waters and Olivia Waters. I'm turning 17 this year. Um I went to Ridgelake College but then moved to Paris to study..."

I watched her smile as she rattled off all this information, she turned to me and smiled.

"and you're my boyfriend silly" She gasped, and covered her mouth

"I'm sorry, I don't know why I said that it just kinda came out..."

I gripped the hospital bed and tried my best not to break down in front of her.

"The doctors were scared that you may have gotten some memory loss, but it all seems to be right except for one thing"

She placed her hands down and looked at me expectantly.

"I... I am your boyfriend Kelsey... We moved from Ridgelake to find your brother Matthew. We live in a really fancy hotel room, while you go to school I work and make money for us..."

I searched her face as it creased in confusion and anger.

"I can't... I can't remember"

I sucked in some breath and looked down at the ground.

"that's okay... I guess once your let out of the hospital we'll have to figure out were I'll be moving.. And other things I guess"

"I guess so"

Leavening over I clicked the button beside the bed, and looked up to Kelsey.

"Just do me one thing, say you remember everything, even me. So we can get out of here and head home"

She nodded and I scooted over to sit next to her on the bed.